Do you want to go to Canada and spend some days with the natural wonders that are there? There are a number of people out there who want the same thing and some of them often try to make this dream true. However, only very few people get the chance to actually go to Canada and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the country. There are many reasons that contribute to the fact that many people cannot make it to the end and the biggest one is that most of them do not know the new rules and requirements of the Canada- A V E agency.

The Canada- A V E agency is an organization that is completely independent of the Canadian government and is working on its own. The agency has announced that people, who want to come to Canada, need to get the eTA Canada. The Electronic TravelAuthorization Canada or the eTA Canada can be explained as the permission granted by the Canada- A V E agency to enter and stay in Canada. This policy has been implemented by the August of the year 2015 to stop any person, from entering Canada, who is involved in any criminal activity. To make the EVisa Canada very prominent, the Canada- A V E agency has provided a list of countries whose citizens need to get the eTA Canada. This list includes:

Iraq Australia Bolivia Slovakia Djibouti
Afghanistan Argentina Slovenia Belize Montserrat
Zimbabwe Barbados Brazil Cayman Islands Bulgaria
Bahamas Botswana Anguilla Cape Verde Portugal
Albania Austria China, People’s Republic of Monaco Ecuador
Andorra Bahrain Malta Colombia Pitcairn Island
Belarus Spain Chad Falkland Islands Cuba
Switzerland Cambodia Bermuda Bhutan Poland
Algeria Belgium Congo, Republic of Singapore Bosnia-Herzegovina
Antigua and Barbuda Armenia San Marino Comoros Saint Helena
Benin Solomon Islands Azerbaijan Gibraltar Congo, Democratic Republic of
Sweden Cameroon, Republic of British Virgin Islands Burundi Croatia
Angola British citizen Bangladesh Samoa Burkina Faso
Turks and Caicos Islands Burma (Myanmar) Papua New Guinea Central African Republic

These are only some of the countries from the list whose citizens need to get the eTA Canada in order to enter there. When the traveller applies for the eTA Canada, the Canada- A V E agency scans the data of the person completely. They make sure that the person does not have any connection with the terrorist organizations or is not involved in any criminal activity.

However, it is seen that people get confused and think that the eTA Canada is the replacement of the eVisa Canada. Whereas this is not at all correct; instead, the eTA Canada is only the permission granted by the Canada- A V E agency and the visa is still on its place. Moreover, the travellers must remember that, although they get approved by the Canada- A V E agency for the eTA Canada, they will still be under the complete supervision of the Canadian government so that they do not do anything that can hurt the people of the country or the country itself.

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