Clever Updates That Make Your Home More Functional Than Before

Clever Updates That Make Your Home More Functional Than Before

Painting the interior and remodeling the kitchen are two updates that always come to mind as you consider potential, household improvements. These ideas are still important ones for most homeowners, but there are other modifications that are more unique. In fact, selecting clever updates can make the home more functional than ever before. They also bring value to the home with only a small investment.

Finishing the Attic

A dusty and dark space may describe your attic in specific terms, but it doesn’t have to remain this way. Attics are forgotten square footage that can be easily added to the home’s overall value and functionality. Finish the attic with drywall, flooring and HVAC vents. Create an office, recreation room or bedroom within the attic. By adding this space into your home’s functional areas, you‘ll have more space for nearly any visitors or activities. Take your time with any finishing project so that the attic remains supported by the home’s structural beams.

Using the Garage Walls

Storing items in your garage is commonplace, especially if you have many garden or auto-mechanic tools. The garage walls are almost always overlooked for their functional value. Add tool hooks, shelves and other fixtures to the walls. Hang up as many items as you can. Making the walls a handy resource frees up the floor for other items, from boxed storage to family bikes. The garage walls are never the most attractive areas so decorating them with tools and household resources makes them a focal point as visitors take tours of the home.

Leveling the Decking

Whether you have a patio or deck, this exterior space must be inviting on several levels. It cannot have an unusual slope or sagging areas across it. Hazards abound without a leveled deck or patio. Consider raised decking supports for your next project. These hidden posts support the decking above them by being adjusted by professional installers. The final results are a level deck with drainage to the sloped area below. Water continually moves away from the home, which reduces damage to the deck and nearby foundation.

Planting Strategic Trees

The sun may pour into your south-facing windows during the fall and winter. Although this fact warms the interior, it’s not always welcome as indoor fabrics fade from the sunlight exposure. Protect your home from excessive sunlight and wind by planting trees along the south side of your property. Evergreen species work best in these conditions. Consider this same strategy for the west- or east-facing sides of the home. Sunrise and sunset light can be frustrating for some homeowners.

Retrofitting the Windows

It’s possible to install new windows without removing the frames. Ask the professionals for a retrofit on your windows. Dual-pane products improve your home’s energy bill while reducing noise coming in from the exterior. This functional installation will be an investment on the property, however. Finance the amount, or save up for it over the years. New windows last for many decades, which works well for most families who plan on staying at the property.

Always match your budget, property goals and projects together for the best outcome. Planning on a life well-spent at the property means that your updates should please you and not future buyers. By following your instincts, property updates can be completed with ease by both professionals and homeowners.

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