Client Footwork Before Searching For A Lawyer

Client Footwork Before Searching For A Lawyer

Before an individual even seeks out a personal injury lawyer to represent his or her case, it is mandatory that he or she makes a complete written record of all the events and incidents that occurred in and around the accident. Along with the date and time, victims need to make note of the exact location of the place where the accident occurred. Individuals would also be required to draw up a list of names of people he or she may think would be helpful in providing vital information that would benefit the claim. Maintenance of medical reports is very necessary while seeking monetary compensation.

Individual must assemble together all documentations related the case. Any tickets, reports or business cards received by the victim immediately after incident should be retained. All documents received from insurance companies are very important and these too must be kept safely. In case of road injuries, the car documents are vital proofs. Income proof will allow the court to decide the correct amount of compensation due to the victim. In case the customer has to pay bills out of his pocket for expenditures such as doctors’ visits, medical tests and or medication should be retained carefully. These can be added to the total amount of compensation that is being claimed for. Newspaper articles and government records related to the accident make for very reliable sources of proof before a court of law and should be properly retained and presented to the lawyer at the time of filing the claim.

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Turn to the Internet – The online presence of lawyers and VB Law Group speaks volumes about their standing and good will in society. The lawyer’s web page or his profile on social networking sites will provide ample personal and professional information about him. Check for details to see how often is the web page updated with fresh information. A lack of interest in updating the firm’s website could point to the inefficiency of the lawyer or law firm in paying close attention to finer details. Important changes in laws and other finer details should be available for the perusal of the prospective client.

Rank your list in terms of priority – At this stage it is essential to narrow down the list to only a couple of names depending on the background work done by the client. Once you have that in place, make an appointment to meet the lawyer.

Meeting the Lawyer – When one makes an appointment to meet a lawyer, he may not always meet the actual lawyer who will assist him with the legal process. The initial investigation may be done by a paralegal or a junior lawyer. It would be important to establish at the onset itself as to who the client would be working with. Individuals should ask for details about the primary contact and also reconfirm whether the lawyer would be readily available or not to answer phone calls and be able to answer any questions that the client may have.

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