Installing Stair Runners Prevent Serious Accidents In Your Home or Office

Whenever you are planning to decorate your house or even your office or any other commercial property, you need to think of choosing the items which would cause attraction and useful not only for yourself but also for the other family members.  Every item you choose for decoration must speak of elegance as well as be environment friendly. In fact such items should retain its utility value even after such products are disposed. It has been observed that decorating with synthetic carpets or rugs have not been useful in the long run. Initial brightness or newness of the synthetic fibersfade sooner. These synthetic products are prone to more wear and tear unlike the products which are made from the natural greens. Initially, when you are planning to decorate or furnish your interior space, then you need to start with the floor of your house or the office.If you have a staircase in your domestic home or commercial space you should install stair runners, also known as runner rugs.

Giving a special touch to the staircases in your residence or any commercial space is essential not only for decorative reasons but also for preventing your guests or family members who maybe accident prone from falling down the steps and getting injured. Therefore, stair runners made from any natural fiber like jute, sisal, coir or sea grass available in various colors and designs would enhance the satisfaction and safety for you, your family members and visitors. These natural fibers come from different variety of plants which grow in different climatic or geographical conditions. Jute grows in the wet tropical areas of the world, especially in India and Bangladesh. Sisal originates from a cactus variety plant, coir comes from coconuts which grow in the coastal area and seagrass is grown on the seafloor. However, there are some common characteristics which are seen in all these natural fibers which are processed and made in to carpets, rugs or stair runners as per the requirements of the clients or the customers.  Such characteristics are highlighted as follows:

  • These natural fiber products are bio degradable. It indicates it is always useful even after it is thrown away or burnt. It would not emit harmful gases like the synthetic ones.
  • These natural rugs or carpets would act as anti allergic device in the area where the people might be prone to various kinds of infections.
  • The rugs or the stair runners made from these fibers would be used as an insulator or excellent sound absorber and perfect for heavy traffic areas.
  • These natural fiber products are not sensitive to wear and tear like animal and synthetic fibers.
  • Therefore, not much attention is required for maintaining them. Occasional vacuum cleaning is suggested to keep the carpets or the stair runners fresh and bright and free from any dust accumulation.
  • These carpets woven from the natural fibers are very safe to use in any interior as it does not generate the static electricity and therefore, quite safe for old people or kids to move barefooted or sit down.
  • Very affordable and therefore, people from low or middle income can purchase it. By comparison, carpets or rugs made from animal fibers have been only affordable to higher income earners. Carpet weavers from the twenty first century havemade the dream come true for every carpet lover by weaving their carpets with the fibers from the natural greens.

The stair runners work as a safety device and the Floorspace stair runners are the best way for any customer to createan appealing feature and also the long term performance. As per the measurements of the staircase in your house or office, the stair runners will be shaped accordingly. You can also buy their stair runners in a customized form. One of the most amazing things associated with Floorspace is that you will be offered support for the installation on the stairs without paying any extra cost.

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