Does Your Home Have The Right Marketing Mix?

Does Your Home Have The Right Marketing Mix?

When your place is being put on the market, it’s important to think about how much and what kind of exposure it will receive. These are the key ways we market your home:

Online Property Portal

The most important place to gain maximum exposure would be an online property portal – they’re a good place to do your homework on what’s happening in the market. The online property portals are busy and competitive places, so we have to make sure we optimise your page with clever marketing and honest, eye-catching photos to showcase your property for absolute maximum exposure.

For Sale Sign

Curious buyers still drive around the areas they’re interested in looking for houses for sale. Some will go by having already seen the details but wanting to check out the surroundings first. People talk to one another, they tell their family and friends. Sale boards work!

Social Media

We now live in the digital age of smart phones and tablets. Social Media is a great tool for reaching lots of people and giving your home as much exposure as possible, because it’s where the buyers are.  Social Media is all about being social. We don’t just link to online property portals or our website, we like to talk, be informative and be friendly.

We go from advertising direct links to featured properties, to links detailing the local area and why it’s a great place to live there. Our Social strategy is designed to bring as much exposure to your home as possible in an opportunistic digital space.


When you advertise your home with us, you’ll get a dedicated page on our website with house details, photos, detailed floor plans, directions, and a link for people to book a viewing. Our exclusive database also matches buyers to the right sellers based on factors like location, type of home and price range.

We will launch your property to the open market, and to our extensive mailing list of potential buyers. Your home will appear on our fantastic Grier and Partners website, which includes your own client login area My Housebook, as well as national portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla. Offering potential buyers the fully rounded marketing view of your home on the go!


We have our own home brochure where we advertise homes and offer lifestyle tips as well.

Does your home have the correct marketing mix? We’re ready to invest time and money into your property sale using the most effective tools possible. Request a valuation today to kick off your home sale.

We’re always looking for ways to get the best price for you. There is always more to selling your home than what we mentioned above, but we believe exposure to the market is really important.

Our estate agent in Suffolk is based in the beautiful and historic village of East Bergholtwith our experienced Grier team of people using in-depth local knowledge help people across Suffolk and Essex to make their next move. Speak to us today and get a free house valuation or find a new home now.

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