The Top Bathroom Brands

Whether you have just moved into a new house, or you’re looking for a new look, picking the right brand of bathroom can be a complicated exercise.

It’s difficult to know where to start when finding the right brand for your bathroom. Style, quality and price are all important factors and can differ greatly from brand to brand.

Here are some of the best options for bathroom brands currently available in the UK.

Imperial Bathrooms

With a wide range of traditional and contemporary styles, Imperial has a vast range of options. Victorian infused Oxford style bathrooms and 1920’s jazz era Astoria Deco are two of the strongest themes available at Imperial. Add extra character to new your bathroom with Firenze of Bergier ceramics or a host of other options.

A one year guarantee is available on all products and although not cheap, for the handcrafted beauty of their products, Imperial’s prices are certainly reasonable.


Starting as a leading bathroom accessories brand, Kueco has since expanded into furnishings for the whole bathroom.

Here you have a chance to build your bathroom from the ground up, with all furniture and accessories able to be picked individually if you choose. Modern alternatives such as open planned accessible bathrooms are also on offer.

All products are high quality, warranties are supplied and custom installations guarantee everything will be the perfect fit for your bathroom.


For a simple and accessible bathroom service, you will struggle to do better than Utopia. Also supplying bedroom furniture, there are a wide array of options available to you at Utopia.

Modern style wooden bathrooms are something of a speciality from utopia and there is something for everybody on offer.

A substantial guarantee is offered on all products, including a lifetime guarantee on all moving parts.


If designing every detail down to the technical intricacies of your new shower is your thing, then Hansgrohe is your choice.

You can configure everything to your specifications at Hansgrohe, from showers to the height and design of your washbasin, an app that lets you project your choice onto your bathroom to check you are making the right decision.

Technology and design in perfect harmony is what you can expect from Hansgrohe.


Taking the concept of a bathroom in every possible direction, Duravit also offer sauna, whirlpools and steam showers.

Taking inspiration from all over the globe to provide everything you need for a perfect, luxurious, custom made bathroom, Duravit is perfect for those looking to splash out on a bathroom that will be the envy of everyone you know.

Bathroom ideas come from the minds of designers including Andreas Struppler, Christian Werner, Frank Huster and Norman Foster to name but a few.

With a focus on sustainability and environmentally friendly options, Duravit can also provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing the products used have been carefully sourced.


Digital showers and baths and mirrors with lights incorporated are just some of the modern, contemporary choices available at Aqualisa.

The focus is very much on showers with Aqualisa, but with such a range of options and almost unbelievable technology, the focus has been well utilised. An Aqualisa shower can be the perfect centrepiece to any bathroom.

Between one and five year warranties are available depending on the product in question.

It is clear that there are a lot of options available for bathroom brands. But whether you are buying all of your bathroom in one place, or mixing and matching products, these companies can supply everything you could need to design the perfect bathroom for you. All of these brands can also be ordered from RSF Bathrooms in Essex.

Dan Ware is the manager of creative and innovative bathroom design and installers at RSF Bathrooms. Dan and the team are experts in their field and have the creative edge to make the most of any bathroom of any size. RSF Bathrooms always uses the best brands to produce a high quality finish.

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