Easing Out The Path For E-mail Archiving In Office 365

Easing Out The Path For E-mail Archiving In Office 365

One of the biggest causes of concern for anyone wanting to migrate to Office 365 Cloud involves the cumbersome work of archiving their emails. But now with the many processes available and with Microsoft itself coming forwards with new solutions to ease out the process, archiving emails has become quite easy. There are still certain obstacles which need to be done away with to make the whole process absolutely functional.

Most O365CloudExperts.com enthusiasts are fanatic about getting this enterprise-classed cloud-based archiving solution. The fact that today it helps to overcome a number of challenges in the field of regulatory compliance, e-discovery and archiving, only aids to its ever-growing popularity. This online Exchange archiving solution is

  • Hosted on servers with a global reach,
  • Has backup IT support available on the phone 24 X 7 on all the days of the week,
  • Compatible with exchange servers pertaining to the versions of 2010, 2013 and 2016 and
  • Also available in the form of add-on services especially for online hosted mailboxes.

Some important features of email archiving in Office 365 as part of their Exchange Online Plan 2 solutions include:

  • Reliability and security of data: Advanced and absolutely reliable security measures pertaining to both digital and physical security ensure the confidentiality of information present in the emails. This is done by:
    • It gives its users the In-House archive which ensures a native and absolutely well-integrated experience for the user. This also keeps all important data in one place thereby enabling easier access.
    • It permanently holds and stores user info with an In-Place Hold so that it can be discovered and accessed at a later date.
    • Data is safeguarded by storing it in a globally well-distributed network of data centres having disaster recovery facilities and capabilities par excellence. It also enables the continuous syncing and backing up of the stored data.
    • The stress of this process is on ensuring a guaranteed uptime of 99.9% thereby increasing its reliability, performance and availability.
  • Always stay in control of things: With Office 365 Email Archiving it is now possible to host the archives on absolutely trusted MS servers while at the same time be in control of everything that is happening by:
    • Having an interface which is management integrated thereby facilitating the management of the user’s cloud based archives from the exchange administration centre itself.
    • Enabling virtually unlimited storage for the user’s archives has become the standard protocol of this service. This eases the burden of storage on the user’s storage devices while at the same time enables him to access all the information.
    • Providing users with e-Discovery, a powerful tool to help him find and produce and even manage data across organisations using a web interface which is extremely easy to use.
  • Ease of use and low maintenance: The real motive of every business email user is to stay productive. This can be easily achieved by:
    • Enabling the users to gain access to all archived mails from both the MS Outlook and the MS Outlook Web Applications without necessitating the need to learn new features and tools. This it does even while it ensures that all the compliance and regulatory needs of the company are met.
    • Using the feature of automatic patching, it saves the time and effort required by the user to keep the archives email system maintained and serviced.
    • Increasing its utility with the help of consistent access from anywhere.
    • A greatly improved end customer performance which enables the user to access these archived files from within their email inbox.
    • Giving the users the right to archive as well as delete files as per their requirements and at their discretion.

With so many features and so much more that can be done while using the online version of Office 365, it is no wonder that more and more organisations are looking forward to adopting the system and getting ready to archive their Exchange mailboxes.

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