Easy Chinese Chicken Dishes

Easy Chinese Chicken Dishes

There are a lot of easy chicken recipes that one can prepare at home. These days, people love to make Chinese chicken dishes at home as they are mostly tasty and also the cookers add some Indian twist to those recipes.

Be it chilli chicken or chicken manchurian, each and every Chinese chicken dishes are gaining popularity in India day by day. Here are some fantastic ideas of chicken dishes given below.

Mongolian Chicken

Here you need some sliced chicken breasts (preferably boneless) and make this amazing dish. You can also do with chicken thighs instead of breasts. The main thing that you need to prepare this dish apart from the chicken pieces is a sweet and salty sauce. This is a flavoured one which if you add to the lightly fried chickens bring a delicious taste to it. If you are calorie conscious, then do not try to fry the chickens. Bake them instead.

Asparagus Chicken Stir-fry

This is a very simple but classic chicken dish which one can make at home. It is a very common dish in Chinese households and is a perfect side dish fordinner.

Baked Hoisin Sauce Chicken Wings

One needs some chicken wings to prepare this dish and then bake them properly. After that these wings should be marinated well in Hoisin sauce. This is a perfect snack item for any party.

Beggar’s Chicken

This is a traditional Chinese recipe where the chicken pieces are wrapped well with lotus leaves and then baked for a few hours. The lotus leaves give a special fragrance to the dish. There is also use of clay which adds to the flavour.

Bok Choy Chicken Stirfry in Garlic Sauce

This is a simple recipe where the chicken pieces are stir fried with some bokchoy. If you have not much time for cooking, then you can certainly go for this dish.

Bang Bang Chicken

It is a classic Sichuan dish. Here the shredded chicken is poached with some finger licking sesame sauce. This looks mostly like a salad and it tastes best when it is served cold.

Bourbon Chicken

The recipe of this dish has both the flavours of west and east.  Here the chicken it mixed with a batter of bourbon whiskey sauce and then they are deep fried.

Cashew Chicken

You can stir fry the chicken pieces with vegetables and cashews. You can either use plain cashews or some sweet cashews in this cooking. If you want, you can replace the cashews with walnuts.

Chicken in Rice

This is a sumptuous meal where the chicken is cooked well with spring onions, dried mushrooms and rice. One can have this dish for their lunch.

Chicken Lo Mein

It is a Chinese dish which has gone popular in the entire world. But yes, the classic recipe has gone through a lot of distortions due to rapid change.

Chicken Salad with Rice Sticks

One can dress the roasted chicken salad with sesame and orange. This one is a preferable dish in the summer.

Try any of these dishes at home.

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