Rishton Ka Chakravyuh Star Plus Serial Full Episode Review and Wiki Story

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh Star Plus Serial Full Episode Review and Wiki Story

Star Plus’ New show Rishton Ke Chakravyuh may be a story revolving around Anami and Satrupa’s love and hate relation. Anami hates Satrupa for a really valid reason, however Satrupa loves her. Satrupa is extremely strict towards her. The relations area unit sophisticated. They get fixed in associate degree emotional turmoil.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh Wiki Story:

Satrupa loses her son Vatsalya to enmity, greed and hate of relatives. The family loses their legal heir. Just then, Satrupa decides to induce Anami home to create her occupy Vatsalya’s place. Anami doesn’t fathom her roots, however the fate brings her mother to her door. Satrupa takes the task to vary Anami. Anami doesn’t look after the royal line, and sticks to her habits. Satrupa mends Anami, whereas bearing her anger and annoyance. Satrupa’s journey begins once she makes Anami her next strength.

Lal Mahal witnesses the birth of their heir. a large puja is unbroken within the palace. The family doesn’t fathom their bahu Satrupa biological process to twins. Satrupa sends away her female offspring together with her maid to Pandit Murari Pathak. Murari gets saddened that the baby had to induce aloof from her mother, however pledges to relinquish her a secure future. Murari names the baby Anami. He believes Lord has given the facility to Anami to jot down her own fate. The royal line in Lal Mahal welcomes their heir, Satrupa’s son Vatsalya Vikram Singh.

The family celebrates Vatsalya’s birth. an in depth relative Pujan Singh enters the scene and determines to interrupt their nice joy by his evil intentions. The story takes a leap of seventeen years, wherever Vatsalya and Anami area unit seen as teenagers. Anami is raised by Murari and his family in Varanasi. Anami is far darling by Murari, his spouse Sudha and their son Laddu. Anami and Laddu expose a fraud saint. Anami doesn’t need anyone to spoil Ganga ji’s name. Laddu falls within the stream, however Anami saves him. Madhu gets angry on Anami for risking Laddu’s life.

Anami gets sorrowful once Madhu calls her somebody else’s kid. Anami complains to Lord for not giving her birth from Madhu’s uterus. She feels terrible once her birthday gets shut. Vatsalya’s birthday is well known in Lal Mahal. Dada FTO announces Vatsalya as their family heir, the only real one that would take responsibilities of family and business. Pujan eyes the business and needs to induce their company Royal steels in his hands.

ada FTO makes Satrupa and Pujan caretakers of Vatsalya until he turns eighteen. Dada FTO asks Satrupa to try and do arrangements for his or her trip to Banaras for heirship puja. Satrupa and Vatsalya’s shut bond is seen. Satrupa gets angry on Baldev, World Health Organization has associate degree illegitimate son Narottam, World Health Organization resides in Lal Mahal. Narottam is commonly affronted by Pujan and his son Avdhoot, World Health Organization build him dance and entertain them. Vatsalya loves everybody within the family. The family reaches Banaras for the puja. Pujan calls up goon to induce Vatsalya killed associate degreed gift his murder as an accident.

Anami gets unhappy on her birthday. She drops a diya in Ganga FTO to interrupt her ties together with her mother, World Health Organization has abandoned her. Satrupa gets ahead with Vatsalya’s abhishek. Anami meets Vatsalya whereas he will some charity at the stairs. they need associate degree argument and keep their perceptions before of every alternative. Satrupa’s maid happens to examine Murari. She goes to the family’s Guru FTO and tells him regarding observation Murari at the stairs. She guesses even Satrupa’s female offspring is shut.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh Full Review:

There is less stretching, less mystery and fewer boast. This makes the show value observation. The show will work well if it sticks to the most idea of mother-daughter’s cold relation turning into a robust bond.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh Full Episode

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