New Mexico: What To See And Do

New Mexico: What To See And Do

One of the most unique states in the nation, New Mexico offers an incredibly diverse range of settings from desert landscapes to mountain vistas. There are a great many outdoor activities to enjoy across the state, including some of the best hiking trails to be found in the Northwest and thrilling activities such as climbing and rafting, not to mention mountain biking and off roading. It isn’t just the outdoors on offer here either. Cities such as Albuquerque and Santa Fe provide incredible culture and laid back atmospheres that travelers have been enjoying for many decades. Anyone on an RV rental journey across the Northwest region is definitely going to be crossing through New Mexico, so keep these sites and activities in mind.

Santa Fe

The rich cultural history of this famous town has persevered to this day, where local museums display the tribal past and tours are provided to visit native sites and experience the pueblo villages that dot the landscape. Within the town there are dozens of museums including the Georgia O’Keefe Museum. The dining here is incredible, with the famous Margarita Trail offering many authentic Southeastern restaurants, local breweries, and authentic New Mexican eateries. The vibe here is laid back and bohemian, with many funky boutiques and galleries. Truly one of the most unique cities in the world, Santa Fe is an absolute must for any traveler.


Smaller than Santa Fe but no less fascinating, Taos is home to the world famous Taos Pueblo, an adobe complex taking up several stories, which is well worth a tour in order to learn how the natives lived several centuries ago. Taos is also an artists colony with many galleries showcasing local artists a diverse range of eateries. With its location on the Rio Grande and close proximity to the Sangre de Christos mountains, there are a wide range of outdoor activities to be enjoyed in this region as well, including amazing hiking trails, thrilling rafting opportunities, and some great climbing. In the winter there is skiing and tubing to be had as well.


The most famous city in New Mexico is a perfect stop for RV rental travelers since it is situated right along Route 66. A large city, Albuquerque has a diverse range of attractions and activities that are sure to satisfy travelers of all tastes. Museums such as the International Rattlesnake Museum are fascinating and unique experiences, and there are well over a hundred galleries in this artistic and culturally significant city. The eating here is top notch, with an incredible range of restaurants offering everything from authentic southeastern fare to any other type of dish you could ask for. Visit the ABQ Bio Park to see the aquarium, zoo, and botanical gardens, tour the many wineries just outside city limits, or take a hot air balloon ride to witness the surrounding countryside. You certainly won’t get bored during your Albuquerque excursion no matter how much time you spend here.


Roswell is the infamous site where an alleged alien spacecraft crashed in 1947. Even if UFOs aren’t your cup of tea, it cannot be stated enough just how fascinating this site truly is. The International UFO Museum attracts thousands of visitors per year, from true believers to skeptics to all those in between. Ther attractions of this town and region go far beyond crashed alien spacecraft, however, with many other attractions to explore including the Roswell Museum and Art Center. Just outside town limits you will find ample hiking opportunities in Bottomless Lake State Park. This mixture of UFO weirdness, cultural relevance, and outdoor beauty makes Roswell a true New Mexico treasure.

Las Cruces

If you’re really looking for classic southeastern landscape, then Las Cruces is a must-see for any traveler. The weather is great year round and there are many attractions and activities to see here. The Organ Mountain Desert Peaks National Monument offers incredible hiking, biking, and wildlife spotting opportunities, not to mention some of the most stunning scenery to be found in the region. There are a number of historic ghost towns dotting the landscape that are quite an experience to explore. You will also find great food and many local breweries where you can tour and sample the product. Make sure to schedule enough time here in order to really drink in the rugged and unique beauty of this region.

New Mexico is a road trip dream offering unique scenery, amazing culture, and plenty of outdoor and cultural activities to enjoy. Whether you’re on an RV rental journey across the southeast or you plan on visiting New Mexico alone, you will definitely want to hit up these top places along the way. No matter your tastes, New Mexico holds a little something for everybody with its breathtaking scenery and cultural relevance.

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