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Easy Ways To Take Care Of Your Belongings While You Are Away

No one wants to lose out on opportunity of the long awaited family vacation once in a while. Planning a holiday is an enormous task in itself. You need to plan your days, book flights and hotels, make arrangement for various things at the location you are visiting, and other such details. One of the most common areas we generally forget is to take care of our homes while we are away. Many a time it was seen that while we were busy vacationing, our possessions back at home were being ruined by the dust and other elements. This can be avoided if you take the smallest of precaution before you leave for several days. The following points can definitely help you out in this regard.

  1. Always remember to close all the doors and windows of your home while you are away. They help in keeping out the dust and other pollutants that may damage your home. Furthermore, they are helpful in keeping your home safe from burglars and other anti-social elements.
  2. Wrap all your brittle items like glassware, chinaware, and other such delicate items properly in tissue papers. They will take care of the dust that may otherwise accumulate on the items. Cleaning and re-stacking them would be a piece of cake after you return.
  3. Pack other items like expensive clothes, or paintings in wrapping papers. They are quite easily available in the market and will help you relax while you are on vacation. You can also mark them up with a marker, so that you can sort them and organize them accordingly after you return. These will also help you to keep your clothes and paintings safe from insects and other rodents.
  4. Make sure to use acid free tissue paper for wrapping your jewelry. You can also use them for safeguarding your precious gifts or certain clothes. They are quite cheap and available in different colors as well. Marking them up will avoid mix-ups. Moreover, these tissue papers can be used in packing your travelling essentials as well.
  5. Make sure to take out all your clothes from the washing machine and dryer. They will otherwise get damaged which may compel you to discard them after you return. Keep all other electrical appliances in switched off mode before you leave. They will help to save energy and improve the overall lifecycle of your products.
  6. Cover all your big furniture with bed sheets, or wrapping papers, to avoid the accumulation of dust or any pest attack. It will also help you to clean up and organize your place upon your return. Remember to take care of your dustbin or any trash that may otherwise get rot while you are away. It is better to keep a spare key available with your neighbor just in case you want someone to check on your home. Cancel all the deliveries and mails for the few days that you will not be home.

If you can come up with a checklist that will take care of all these points, you will find yourself at peace and can enjoy your holidays with a free spirit.

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