Embellishment Never Means Gaudily…Make Your Choices Prudently

Embellishment Never Means Gaudily…Make Your Choices Prudently

With passage of time, “Embellished Tops” are emerging as “all-weather” and “all-season” options for both small and big town girls. In the past, embellished tops were confined to party seasons and traditional outings. However, in the “dress code diaries of 21st-century power women”, same “embellished tops” are emerging as a strong style statement of “feminism and fashion going hand in hand.”

A few cardinal rules to remember when you are out in search of an embellished top for the party season ahead

While selecting any embellished top, no women should ever forget a few things. These things are related to the “matching sense” or how many matches a top can find in your wardrobe. Embellished tops are not here to vanish with the tide of fashion; they are here to expand their horizons. Thirty years ago, they were just confined to party dresses. Then came a time when designers started including them in office attires. “First name Organization” culture also contributed a great deal to it. Women dominance on power corporate jobs gave them an altogether different meaning. Now, designers are including them in casual and sporty attires as well.

Embellished tops are a best friend of any nubile beauty

“Oh! She is strong, yet she is so charming.” It sounds like a random compliment for a girl. However, it is not that random to be precise, it talks about two different personality traits of the same individual. Strong represents that “girl knows how to carry her amongst the boys”, and charming refers to her kind, pretty, and innocent girl-like softness with that carefully crafted feminist touch to her attire.”

Let us be honest and accept it, girls are here to woo the boys, and boys are here to drool over girls. This is quite natural, and we can never expect a change away from these natural behaviors. Fashion statements coming out of the evolution of Embellished tops also supports these social and carnal trends. They can send some messages straightforwardly here. They are a representation of some latent yet open personality traits of women.

Shine of embellishment over spring color never fades

Embellished never means sparkling, some of you might like to refer to language dictionaries and other thesaurus sources to validate the statement that we have just made. However, when we read this word in the dictionary of fashion, we find that embellishment of a top should be a subtle statement. Sensible designers pick up some soothing spring colors and add this sparkle on them so that we can get access to a “classy embellished top.” In the jargon of designers, we can say that embellishment should add a new life and sparkle to a soothing and eye-pleasing spring color.

Add sparkle to a rusty color and it can lead to “The Unexpected”

The beginning of current decade clocked a repetition of history in the corridors of fashion worldwide. During the 70’s, Bright colors and plain fabrics were ruling the fashion trends. Now, the same trend is making a comeback. If you are into a subtle dressing and wish to flaunt a classy statement, then this is the right thing to do. Keep it simple and plain when you are dealing with a bright color and try to add embellishment when you are setting up your eyes on a spring color.

Embellished tops are color blockers

Color blocking is the concept that is going to rule the current decade. When you make a purchase of any such top, then make sure that your design is not overdoing in terms of embellishment by any standards. Never forget the fashion mantra of this season when you are going out to purchase an embellished top. Bright colors are fine when they are plain, and embellishment on a top should be done to add a sparkle on a classic English spring color.

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