Private Beach Of Goa or Mauritius – What Should You Select For A Holiday?

Explore Goa and Mauritius Right beneath Their Cosmopolitan Cover

If you want to check the real meaning of the word, “Déjà vu”, then Goa and Mauritius are the ideal backdrops to have an amazing feeling, and the peak tourist season at both these destinations is the best time to spend a holiday in the ‘Nature’s abode’. Right from the natural wonders to man-made structures, everything has this striking similarity in many ways. It is probably the stamp on your passport, which will tell you about the real place that you are exploring actually. Both the places have an attractive shoreline where you can have fun during the vacations. Goa is all about Indians and tourists coming from the rest of the world and it is all same with Mauritius also, where international tourists and NRIs are rubbing shoulders with international crowds.

Fall in Love with Chamarel and Dudhsagar Falls

Both Goa and Mauritius are blessed with these splendid falls. If Niagara fall can serve as a happening backdrop for some amazing and mystical love stories, then these two falls are not far behind it. The very view of these falls from a distance invites you into an enchanting universe where the sound of water serves as the background score; and the moist breeze and cool temperature announce the arrival of the “Booze Season.”

Water Sports Know No Boundaries

Cranzalem beach of Goa and ILa Aux Cerfs in Mauritius are the two places where you can actually enjoy water sports; you can fly high over the water and feel like a migratory bird, witnessing the natural wonders of its new abode. Both these beaches are fit for swimming. If you are in Mauritius, then you can gain some experience of clearing holes, while sea breezes will teach you a few new lessons related to the aerodynamics of a golf ball.

Architecture Lovers Have Some Treats Waiting for Them

Aguada fort of Goa is an ideal place where you can witness the architecture of a sea fort. Located right next to the River Mandovi, this fort is an ideal example of the Goan architecture. If you have a taste in French architecture and have this love for souvenirs; then, Port Louise in Mauritius can be your ideal hangout.

Feel That You Are Abroad When You Are In India and Feel You Are In India When You Are Abroad

It can happen only in Goa and Mauritius; you can witness the whiffs of an amazing cosmopolitan culture breezing around. When we study a cultural mix of these two places during the peak tourist season, we find some amazing similarities among them. It is like exploring similar ambiance with different backdrops. Both Mauritius and Goa Travel Packages the cosmopolitan face of India and climatic conditions bring them in a similar zone.

Tight on the pocket? Then, Goa can be your hotspot! Also, if you are planning a long haul stay, then again, Goa is better, because you have better choices for accommodation here. However, if you are seeking a stylish holiday, then Mauritius is waiting for you! We can put it in better words before we sum up the quest. These are the two places that are coming together in terms of culture and amenities and Goa can be your hub of activity if you have some budget constraints attached with your traveling plans.

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