Enhancing Your Leadership Qualities With Inbound Call Centres

Enhancing Your Leadership Qualities With Inbound Call Centres

One of the most widely used yet interpreted incorrectly term in the business world is “Employee Engagement.” While executives, agents, and team leads attempt to understand the correct meaning of employee engagement, they end up interpreting employee engagement as working hard and meeting the targeted goals. Undoubtedly, hard work is required when you are trying to run a business successfully and escalating the services, but it does not equal employee engagement. Rather, the former is merely a by-product of the latter. To understand what employee engagement truly means, firstly we need to take a deeper look at the insights of the inbound call centres.

Today, running an inbound call centre is all about data and metrics, and not just any inbound metrics, but the right ones. Call centre representatives are already focusing on some core metrics like agents’ training and learning, customer satisfaction, and increasing profits that important metrics that equate to better results, get lost in the sideways. The basic difference between employee engagement and a hardworking employee is that the former is defined as employees having a full mind, energy, motivation, and attention towards the work whereas hardworking employee can be partially or fully focused depending upon his/her capability.

Here are some skills that a manager should keep mind while hiring an engaged employee:

For hiring dedicated employees for the company, there should be an equally engaged leader to guide and nurture them. The manager or the leader has to convey his leadership skills and the importance of his place in the company’s culture.


Every company has a vision that with the advent of time the company should grow as planned. Yet meeting everyday job duties and focusing on other work keep the agents to step back and work hard for meeting company’s goal. What’s more important is that the leader should focus on training their members with company’s vision, values and culture.


It’s quite common yet surprising that people actually fear to do their job too well. That’s because they will be assigned with more work if they start providing effective and creative solutions to their customers. Also, agents fear losing their jobs if the new ideas do not work properly. However, it is a manager’s duty to maintain a level of trust among the agents and between the higher channels that can eliminate the fear of communicating.


This includes not only being compassionate towards the well-being of customers but also towards employees. Often the agents are assigned to high targets and the only thing that the manager care is about the results on the paper. But with increasing competition, employees are equally treated and nurtured. Once the agents understand this, the beginning of a healthy culture starts prevailing.


Give your agents examples of how to incorporate these little features into the company’s work culture. Employee engagement is one of the most important weapons in an inbound call centre in UK if understood and executed correctly.

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