Enjoying Your Drive To Work

Enjoying Your Drive To Work

If you drive to get to work, it can take up a fair chunk of your day, and the time will build up over the week to a good few hours. There are scary statistics aplenty about how many years of your life you will spend behind the wheel, so it’s a good idea to see if you can avoid wasting this time. You can find ways to enjoy your drive and make it feel like less of a chore, and you can even achieve things on your drive that will make you feel you’ve spent your time more productively.

Your Vehicle

The car you drive will be a critical factor in your enjoyment of the journey. Have the nicest car you can afford, one that is comfortable, reliable and suits your driving style. Keep it clean and tidy inside and well-stocked with drinks and snacks and anything else you might need on the trip. If you’re stuck in traffic and your nose starts to run, you’ll be thankful you’ve kept a packet of tissues in the car! Keep the vehicle well-maintained, as the inconvenience of having a breakdown, and the worry of being late for work can be pretty stressful. Use a reliable supplier like autoserviceprices.com  for parts and consumables, and keep reserves of water and oil in the trunk.


Listening to the radio is an obvious way to pass the time, and you can take some CDs or plug in your MP3 player and have some of your favorite music turned up loud. Another option is to listen to an audiobook on the journey, and there is a huge variety of titles and genres to choose. If you enjoy the companionship of other people, see if you could share the trip with a colleague, or a friend who works in the same vicinity. There are car sharing websites and services that can link you up with other commuters, so you’ll have someone to chat with as well as a contribution to your gas expenses.


Obviously, your priority is to drive safely, and you need to be paying attention to the road and other drivers. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make use of the time that won’t compromise your driving. You could set your voice recorder facility on your smartphone or use a Dictaphone to make notes about jobs you need to do, ideas you’ve had and dates you need to remember. There is a range of safe exercises you can do too, for example, face yoga, which may sound slightly odd but is a great way of keeping your face toned and avoiding wrinkles and sagging. Just remember not to do any of the exercises that involve screwing your eyes shut!

With a bit of imagination, you can find ways to pass the time to make your commute more pleasant and less of a chore and even get things done instead of counting down the minutes and hours in boredom and frustration until you reach your destination.

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