Environmentally Friendly Flooring and House Materials

Environmentally Friendly Flooring and House Materials

When it comes to green homes, we often focus on energy and water usage. However, the materials you use in your home can also beneficially affect the planet. Using environmentally friendly building materials in the construction of your floors and other parts of your home can help you adopt a greener lifestyle that will benefit the planet. Some of today’s eco-friendliest materials are produced in ways that don’t cause as much harm to the environment and still have the durability and aesthetic appeal that you expect. These five environmentally friendly flooring and house materials are among the best on the market.


One flooring material that has become more popular is bamboo. This type of wood comes from trees that are able to regrow quickly so that the negative effects of deforestation aren’t as great. Bamboo is also known for its durability and resistance to water. The wood even has the ability to inhibit bacterial growth, which can make your home a safer setting. If you are looking for an environmentally-friendly flooring material, bamboo is a great choice.

Recycled Glass

If you’ve ever wondered how glass is recycled, then you may be excited to learn about recycled glass floors. Glass can be reused to make tiles for floors and other surfaces. Recycled glass also comes in many different color choices and allows you to experiment with different options to find the design theme that’s right for your home. By using recycled glass, new glass won’t need to be produced, and this can greatly reduce the amount of carbon emissions and resources that are normally needed to make new glass.


Oak has long been a top wood choice for hardwood floors, closets, and other parts of homes because of its reliability and attractiveness. Synthetic materials often require a lot of additional resources and energy to produce, and oak is a natural material that can be harvested without going through as many processes that can harm the environment. Engineered oak flooring is a popular choice that may work well in your home, and is often safer for the environment than other popular hardwood types.

Tree Bark

The bark from trees often makes great siding for homes. Using bark instead of traditional wood can reduce the number of trees that need to be cut down to make siding materials. Since the role of bark is to protect trees against insects and certain environmental elements, it can naturally protect your home better when it’s used for siding.

Recycled Steel

Steel is one of the easiest materials to repurpose for home construction. Recycled steel is particularly ideal for framing and roofing materials and won’t attract pests unlike some other materials. Steel also doesn’t have the toxic chemicals that are present in some synthetic materials.

You can make your floors and the rest of your home much more environmentally friendly with the right materials. Choosing the right options can also give you other benefits that you likely haven’t imagined, such as a more modern aesthetic.

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