5 Signs The Biggest Windows In Your Home Need To Be Replaced

5 Signs The Biggest Windows In Your Home Need To Be Replaced

Maintenance is part of any homeowner’s job. Understanding when things are unable to be maintained and need to be replaced is also important. When it comes to the windows in your home, here are five things you should be watching out for as they’ll be a signal that it’s time to get them replaced.

They’re Cracked

The first sign that your biggest windows need to be replaced is a fairly straightforward one. If you notice cracks in the window, then it’s letting air seep in. This can play a big role in unintentionally raising your heating and cooling bills. It also makes your windows look bad. If you notice there’s a crack, simply schedule to get the window replaced sooner, rather than later.

Foggy Glass

Over time, the argon gas that is inserted between your window panes can start to leak. This can lead to window fogging. You’ll notice a white fog in between the two window panes. This can hinder your view of the window. It can also significantly impact the overall look of the window. When you notice there’s white fog, it’s time to call up your window professional.

They Don’t Function Properly

There are two main styles of windows. These are double hung and single hung. With a single hung window, the bottom sash moves up and down. With a double hung window, both the top and bottom sashes move up and down. If you notice that your window sashes are no longer functioning like they’re supposed to, then it’s time for a window replacement.

You Hear Outside Noises Clearly

If you’ve ever walked into an older home with old windows, you may be surprised to discover that you can hear pretty much every noise that goes on outside. Compare this to a new home, and you’ll hardly hear a thing that goes on outside of your home. If you’re starting to notice that outside noises are more prominent, it can be a sign that your window isn’t sealed correctly anymore.

There’s A Draft

One of the most commonly recognized symptoms of poor windows that most homeowners can identify is drafting. This holds especially true in the cold winter months. You’ll feel a cold draft when you walk or sit near the window. This draft can be a result of a number of issues going on with your window.

While you may not think about them often, your windows do a lot for your home. Keeping them in good condition and replacing them when they’re shot is a necessity to keep up the level of comfort that you’re used to. The above are five of the biggest signs that it’s time to get those windows replaced today.

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