What Are The Top Most Popular Kitchen Remodel Styles In 2020?

What Are The Top Most Popular Kitchen Remodel Styles In 2020?

Are you looking to give your kitchen an entirely new feel this year? Whether you want to go classy and timeless, or you want a room that will stand out and start conversations, a renovation can be the cure for your update blahs. Here are four brilliant ideas for designing your favorite space.

Modern Farmhouse

There is no shabby in this chic kitchen. The newer, more contemporary design features wood accents you can tone down with a whitewash or light paint color. Flanking the central island with a baking station will give you all the space you need to create cakes, cookies, bread, and all your holiday favorites. With quartz surfaces and modern light fixtures, you can round out the style and create a cohesive look.


When you want a total redo, then going with a steampunk or industrial design can liven up the home. Using a kitchen remodeling designer or contractor can help you find ideas and discover what features will look the best for your space and budget. Minimalist designs are best for this style. Long, sleek metal fixtures and accents will give you the feeling you want. Hanging copper pots from a metal rack is a popular design feature. You can also use a faux brick tile to create a more antique look if you do not want to go with a contemporary industrial kitchen.

Blue Everywhere

This color seems to stay in style. Going with a variety of shades and textures will give you several options. To make the room pop, you can go with open shelving and marble counters with blue veining. A chandelier over the dining area or island will add a little more pizzazz to the space. You can use blue accents, create a focal wall, use dishes with blue decor, and add soft touches with linens, chair cushions, and potholders.


Craftsman style kitchens are big this year. The use of cabinets as kitchen islands gives homeowners more storage space for dishes, homeschooling supplies, baking materials, and cutlery. To get the ultimate look, you can have a local carpenter make an island cabinet to match the existing wall units. You can also have custom cabinets for the entire room. A carpenter can design in a wine rack, spice storage, or custom pot and pan holders.

Redesigning your kitchen will be a tough choice with these four options. There are so many things to consider adding. The key is to go with a design that will fit with the rest of your home. You can always add accents of marble, blue, or industrial throughout the house to connect the space in a close-knit design. You may find you want to remodel the whole house instead of just the kitchen.

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