The Gift Of A Smile: Tips For Cheering Up A Friend Who Has Been Down Lately

The Gift Of A Smile: Tips For Cheering Up A Friend Who Has Been Down Lately

Most experience life’s lows occasionally. Whether brought on by life events, the change of seasons, or other forces, a low mood can permeate someone’s life and all those around them. When a friend is feeling down, you can do several simple things to show you care. Small acts of kindness that don’t require much time or effort can lift a person’s mood to make them feel appreciated and valued.

Send a Greeting Card

Whether by post or by email, an encouraging card of hope and inspiration helps the recipient to focus on something positive instead of their troubles. Tangible greeting cards come in a variety of styles and prices, so you can find something just right. 

You can even make your own card by using a computer app or art supplies. The point is to take an artistic approach to making someone feel special. Add a personal message to share uplifting thoughts in ways that may be humorous or nostalgic that are tailored to your friend’s personality.

Schedule a Flower Delivery

A home delivery of a seasonal bouquet or a thriving planter can brighten anyone’s day. Order an arrangement that commemorates a special occasion, like the anniversary of the beginning of your friendship, or send a just-because bouquet to show care for someone who needs cheered up. 

Ask the florist to include your personal heartfelt message. Try to schedule the flower delivery when your friend will be home and not busy with a task like giving the baby a nap or working from home.

Do an Errand

Someone who isn’t feeling their best may appreciate your offering to run errands or pick up groceries. Your friend might not want to leave the house or feel like interacting with the public. Offer to spend an hour or two getting a prescription or dropping off clothes at the dry cleaner’s. You might be able to pick up their kids from daycare or take them to sports practice after school. Time is often considered to be the most valuable gift of all, since, once spent, it cannot be replaced.

Plan a Visit

Your friend might want to spend time just talking to you or watching a movie together. Offer to stop by at their convenience to help clean the house or watch the kids if your friend needs to rest. Take a home-cooked meal or drop off a pizza if that will help with cooking and clean-up chores.

There are many ways to support a friend who is going through a tough time. Try one of these options to help someone who needs it.

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