Feng Shui Tips For Your Health and Well-Being

Feng shui is a philosophy of living that may help your life in so many aspects. One of them, and for some most important one is definitely health and well-being. When you think about the core values of feng shui philosophy, it wouldn’t be a surprise to find out that old saying “health is wealth” comes from ancient feng shui masters!

In feng shui, your health and the quality of energy in your home and office are in direct relationship. To increase good energy around you, look into these basic and simple feng shui tips.

  1. What You Breathe In Counts

Even though the first thing that comes to mind here is outdoor pollution which, indeed, is terrible the thing most people don’t know is that indoor air pollution is much worse than the outdoor one. Unless you are blessed to live and work in a truly green environmentally friendly space, to set your health and well-being straight you’ll constantly need to work on its quality.

So, if living in green is not an option for you, the best and easiest you can do for both your home and office is to buy top air purifying plants. You don’t have to go far to get them – they are sold in your nearest flower shop or at the market. Go for as many as you can in your space. If possible, get at least one or two big tall plants.

  1. Where would you be without Light and Color?

Two vital nutrients for your health and well-being are color and the quality of natural light. Yet, it’s not about the amount of natural light you are exposed to during day – the mixture of vibrant, beautiful colors and that light are what nourishes your energy.

It’s more than usual these days for people to spend over 10 hours in an office. If this too is the case with you and you are not in a position to spend much time outdoors, be sure to invest into full spectrum lights that will nourish your energy. Further, give a fresh and vibrant look to your office with some interesting and vibrant art. Colorful, joyful and alive colors will inject you with positive feelings. If your office is painted dull colors, hire painters to make your walls live, dance and breathe! Try some new décor, an interesting contemporary rug or colorful curtains. You’ll see how much better you’ll feel once you’ve brought color and light into your everyday routine!

  1. Your Health Area cries for some Feng Shui

The bagua, or the feng shui energy map says that in feng shui, each home or office has specific areas that are responsible for different areas of one’s life. Naturally, all aspects are connected in some way and in order to trigger good energy you need to focus on specific aspects. The overall energy state of the whole space is pretty much determinant when it comes to your health. Still, there are two areas that are connected on a deeper energy level to the state of your well-being.

The first one is the center of your home or office, and the second one is your Health & Family bagua area.

To improve your health, you can use numerous feng shui cures, both traditional and modern. Maybe start with the simple use of Wood and Water elements colors such as blue, black, brown, green, blue to a Laughing Buddha sculpture or the use of lucky bamboo.

  1. Your Bathroom

Believe it or not, the quality of energy in your bathroom is intricately connected to your sense of well-being. To achieve good energy in your bathroom, you first need to start with a thorough cluttering, for good energy foundation. When that is done, go in the direction of turning your bathroom into a spa, by adding aromatherapy diffuser, candles, and anything that brings you peace.

Feng shui may sound a bit tricky to follow through, yet it really isn’t. It pretty much relies on common sense and follows the energy of mind and soul. With these great tips, you’ll sure be at least couple of steps closer to a full feng shui experience!

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