The Appeal Of Antique Jewellery

Owning beautiful jewellery is something which makes many women feel special, and with the right pieces you can build up a stunning collection. Jewellery can really make a statement and admiration is often something women seek whilst wearing their gems. Jewellery of any kind can be beautiful to look at, however antique jewellery has always been to most sought after and collectible with each piece providing many advantages.


Possibly the biggest appeal of antique jewellery is the uniqueness of every piece. Although simple antique pieces are available, there is a huge variety of unusual stunning designs out there from many different eras, and with the age of antique pieces generally being around a hundred years or more it is extremely likely you will ever see another like it. This also makes antique jewellery the perfect present for a loved one, whether it be for Christmas, a birthday or you just fancy letting them know you care, giving them something which will be unique and personal to them says something extra special.


Another key factor about antique jewellery is that the quality of each piece is excellent and with love and care it should last you a life time. Obviously the more you wear your piece of jewellery the more it will become scratched and tarnished, however if you do find your ring looking it’s age then it is possible to have it restored to it’s original beauty. This means you can have the best of both worlds – a beautiful shiny new ring in a unique and unusual design personal to you and your taste. A life time is a long time to keep and love a piece of jewellery and if you do decide to sell it you will certainly get your money back. Antique jewellery often goes up in value with age especially if it has been looked after well.

A Whole New World

If you are buying a piece of antique jewellery to treat yourself then expect to see a whole different world than to modern jewellers, especially if you are looking to invest in your first piece. Finding the perfect style and piece for you is all part of the fun, and it is most likely you will search in markets and at second hand jewellers on your hunt and possibly even pick up a few pieces on your way. With modern jewellery it is very likely you will know your style and what suits you, however with each second hand jewellery dealers being full of unique pieces it is far more interesting to get involved in. It is of course possible to shop for antique jewellery pieces online, however be aware that there are a lot of reproduced pieces out there so be wary if there are few pictures and little information. Our suggestion? Stick to one of the trusted antique jewellery dealers such as Laurelle Antique Jewellery.

Antique jewellery can appeal to anyone at any age and can be bought at any budget. Price depends on the age, quality and what materials the piece is made from, however you can pick up a good quality piece of antique jewellery anywhere from around £50. Collecting different pieces from different eras can be a great hobby to pick up and you will learn so much about different styles and when they were made helping you to show true appreciation for each piece individually. Alternatively antique jewellery makes a great gift for anyone as i mentioned before and it will truly show how much you care and know the person.

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