Furnishing The House: 5 Great Tips For New Home Owners

Purchasing a house is a truly exciting time in your life, especially because you have the chance to create whatever vision you want. The paint on the walls and the decorations on the coffee table will certainly exude your vision, but the furnishings help you to tie everything together and create a theme.

Don’t Rush

If you’ve just purchased your forever home, then you have plenty of time to furnish the space. While you don’t want decades to pass before you have the house finished, you do need to give yourself time. Since you are a new homeowner, you need to acquaint yourself with different styles. Also, some rooms have priority over others. Furnishing the master bedroom and living room are important, but if you aren’t planning to have children or guests any time soon, you can let the additional bedrooms sit for awhile.

Define a Theme or Scheme for Each Room

You want the rooms to feel cohesive in and of themselves and also with each other, which you will earn about later. You may want to use a rustic cabin as the inspiration for your dining room and a country style to adorn your kitchen. Sometimes, you need to go to the store to see what the different styles of furniture are before you choose themes for the room. Even if you do not have a particular theme for each room, you should stick with matching colors for cohesion.

Create a Flow from Room to Room

Once you have considered different themes that you like for each room, you need to think about how the themes fit with one another. For example, let’s say that you want one room to have an ultra modern flavor and another to infuse bucolic furniture and decor. Putting these two rooms right next to each other might not work. Instead, consider a country-inspired den on the first floor and a super sleek and chic bar in the basement. You will have to play with the colors and styles to see how they work out.

Add Decor that Complements the Style

The pieces of furniture that you place in the house will show off the style that you want, but you also need elements of decor to embellish the rooms. Let’s say that you have a beach-themed living room. The couches are the color of the sea, and the floors are the color of the sand. Adding a collection of seashells on the coffee table or putting up a picture of your favorite beach in a frame is the perfect touch to finish off the room.

Don’t Spend All of Your Money

As new homeowners, you may be so excited to finally have a property that you can call your own. Therefore, you might go to the store and blow all of your savings in one trip. Remember, however, you also have a whole plate of new bills to pay for. Not only do you need to pay for the mortgage and taxes, but you also need to handle all of your other bills. Set a budget for the furniture. Furnishing a home is a process, and you don’t need to race through it all now. Having a safety net of money is better.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you to create the style that you want in your house.

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