Get Rid Of Your Blocked Drains and Live In An Odorless Environment

Get Rid Of Your Blocked Drains and Live In An Odorless Environment

Everyone knows the importance of keeping the kitchen and bathroom sinks neat and clean. Everyday so many utensils including glasses, pots and pans are scrubbed in the kitchen and each family member frequently uses bathrooms. Clogged and blocked drains indicate are not just the sources of odor and foul small all around your kitchen, washroom and even near your garden, but they are also the breeding grounds for cockroaches, mosquitoes and a host of other insects that spread dengue and Filarial disorders.

How do you Notice Signs of Drain Blockage?

  • Odor: The most unpleasant and easiest indicator to spot
  • Drainage from sinks: Water taking longer time to drain from your sink or bath
  • Restroom drainage: Water overflows after flushing
  • Gurgling sound: A warning sound from the plug hole

What are the Risks Associated with Blocked Drains?

Blocked drains channelize filthy water and sewage to the entire environment, and they can even make the drinking water impure, by mixing with the main tap water, or by flowing into the main source of potable water underground, and polluting it consequently. Moreover, blocked drains obviously reduce the value of your property, especially when you are about to sell a piece of land or your entire house.

  • Water can also drip into the corners leading to water stains and discoloration. The area may even become prone to flooding. There are also cases when the wall around the blocked drains get discolored and damp due to constant dripping of sewage water.
  • They also make the area more prone to mould and bacteria. You must contact the plumbing specialist immediately in case you think that one of the drains in your house is blocked.
  • A reliable plumber will apply realistic, cost efficient and long term solution to repair the drains thus protecting your home and health efficiently.

What are Some of the Ways to Unblock a Drain?

You can use the following to unblock your clogged drains:

Natural Drain Cleaners:

Most of the people prefer cleaning clogged drains with natural ingredients before using harsher chemicals for safety and environmental reasons. One of the verified methods is as follows:

In a dry sink, pour one cup of baking soda in the blocked drain. Then, take two cups of boiling water and pour it. Wait for few minutes. Add one more cup of baking soda and pour one cup of white vinegar without anydelay. Stop the drain and you will notice bubbles and burning sound being emitted from the drain. Add two cups of boiling water once the bubbles disappear. This is the most efficient method for unclogging a blocked drain.

Elimination of Odors

Bad odor is one of the side effects of blockages.  Drains are blocked mostly when large items get stuck in the drainage pipes. These items then decompose and thus become the breeding ground for bacteria, releasing the foul smell.

  • Frequent cleaning of kitchen and bathroom sinks should be done to keep the drains free of unnecessary debris.
  • Weekly use of homemade remedy with baking soda and vinegar solution is best to keep grease, filth and bad odor away. Good waste disposal practices should be followed to minimize the bad smell and chances of blocked drains in future.
  1. Always use rubbish or compost bin in the kitchen instead of the sink, to throw away leftover food, cooking oil or any paper products.
  1. b) Use a plughole filter in the bathrooms to prevent blockage from hair and other dirt.

Moreover, investing in a drain filter is a very good option and one should always take care of the waste thrown down the plughole. Also, you must use products particularly designed for the blocked sinks and pipes for better results and follow the safety instructions religiously while using strong cleaning products.So as to choose these items you can just visit this link and appreciate an interfered with comfort increase.

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