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Movavi Screen Capture Review

Nowadays screen capture is a lot more commonplace than it used to be – partially becomes video in general is a lot more widely used, and also because more and more people have started to realize its potential. If you’re able to record video footage directly from your screen it will open up a considerable amount of options – including creating your own video guides and tutorials, recording Skype calls, creating presentations, or even saving video that is streamed live so that you can watch it later.

Of course if you want to do any of this you’ll need screen capture software – and that’s exactly what the Movavi Screen Capture is. However unlike other screen capture software that are generally regarded as being notoriously hard to use – the Movavi Screen Capture is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly.

Everything about the software emphasizes this approach – from its accessible interface to the familiar and ‘natural’ way you can use its features. Even saving your videos is made easy with hundreds of presets available that will automatically optimize them for any device or platform. With these presets you will be able to easily save your video in the best possible format and settings – even if you don’t know a thing about video formats and settings in the first place.

That being said, the main focus of the Movavi Screen Capture is definitely its ability to record videos directly from your screen – and in that regard it does not disappoint. It comes with features that will give you full control over the process – and will let you:

  • Quickly and easily set the capture region to encompass the entire screen, a specific window, or even any other region by simply positioning a window and resizing it as required.
  • Control the frame rate and other video settings with simple toggles or sliders.
  • Determine the audio source to use whether it is the system audio or microphone, or even other device such as MIDI instruments.
  • Allow the software to capture keyboard actions and display them on-screen or highlight the mouse cursor so that viewers can follow it more easily.

With these options you will have full control over the video that you eventually capture. Aside from that the software also has numerous quality of life features such as timers and hotkeys to make the process even easier still.

If you’re looking for a video recorder that will let you capture video directly from your screen, you really need not look any further. Not only is the Movavi Screen Capture fully capable of fulfilling any and all of your needs, but it is flexible and has little or no learning curve to overcome so you can get started almost immediately.

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