Home Free: Are You Maintaining Your Property?

By staying on top of home maintenance issues you can cut down your bills, make your home a safer place – and make your property more attractive to future buyers at the same time. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Heat/Cooling Loss

Today’s homebuyers are increasingly energy conscious, so it’s important that your home is as energy-efficient as possible. Cracks, gaps and other openings around the home allow cooled air to escape in hot weather and let hot air out during the winter months. Poorly maintained heating and air conditioning can also be a drain on energy.

  • Check that windows, doors etc. all close snugly. Don’t overlook the interior door to your garage or the door to your attic. Check around frames for gaps between the woodwork and surrounding masonry.
  • Check pipes and wires that exit the house from inside – cables, ducting (such as your dryer’s exhaust duct) overflow pipes, etc.
  • Check around electrical outlets and light sockets.
  • Check your fireplace damper.
  • Inspect your insulation, especially attic insulation.
  • Inspect your air conditioning unit to make sure it’s working properly. Check that ducting is in good repair and not kinked, torn or blocked.

Fire Prevention

As well as the physical danger posed by housefires, fire damage can be a nightmare to restore. Avoid fires by taking simple steps such as having your furnace or wood-burning stove inspected at least once a year. Your chimney should also be cleaned annually. Other simple steps you can take include:

  • Making sure that no flammable items are left near heat sources.
  • keeping a fully charged fire extinguisher handy in your kitchen.
  • Installing smoke alarms at regular intervals throughout the house, especially in the kitchen and bedrooms.

You should also make sure that fire exits, such as basement egress windows, are in good order.

Avoid water damage

Water damage can be insidious. According to roofing contractors Fort Worth TX, you should check your roof and exterior walls for damage or signs of leaks, and inspect your guttering for leaks or blockages. Ensure that your basement is properly damp proofed; if you live in an area that’s prone to flooding, consider installing a sump pump in your basement. Make sure all your pipes are free of leaks, and double-check that any pipes in the attic or running along exterior walls are insulated against frost. Check water tanks and boilers for corrosion or leaks.

It is so important that homeowners do not overlook outdoor maintenance. Make sure your yard is in good shape, and that your paths and driveways are free of obstructions. Not only will your home be more pleasant to live in, this increased curb appeal will mean you’re all set to make a great impression when it’s time to sell.

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