Home improvement tasks for November

As the weather starts to take a turnfrom the glorious sunshine we’ve been enjoying over the summer months and the autumn, it might be tempting to lock the windows and get the heating on as you bunker down for the winter. As much of a temptation as that may be, it’s a good idea to give your home the once over to make sure that it’s ready for the colder months. The changing seasons can play havoc with your home, but with some small level of care, you can face the colder time of the year with much more confidence, and you might even reduce your heating bills too. If you’re getting ready to unpack your winter clothes and store away the summer ones, then here are some home improvement tasks that will make your winter much safer and more comfortable.

Checking your water

Are your taps ready for the possibility of frozen pipes and a drop in temperature? It’s always a good idea to check your pipes when there’s a change of season, but the most important periods are at the start and end of winter. These are the points where any repairs can be managed much more easily and productively. Make sure that you pay serious attention to the taps in your kitchen and bathrooms. Check that they are not dripping and that any washer changes that are needed are carried out quickly. Taking the time to do these smaller jobs could help save you money on broken pipes in the height of winter. Changing a washer is easy to do yourself, although you can call a plumber to ensure that there are no issues.

Checking the exterior

If you’ve spent the summer in the garden enjoying barbecues and sunbathing, then the chancesare that you’re going to need to some form of garden maintenance. Pay attention to your lawn and pack away the garden furniture that is only going to get damaged in the snow and rain that’s on its way. Remember, the more maintenance that you do in your garden before winter hits, the less work that you’ll have to do when spring rolls back around,and you want to start spending time outside again. Make sure that any garden water features are turned off and emptied, and that you give your patio and deckings a thorough once-over before it snows.

Window checks

You won’t appreciate the colder months if your windows are letting in a constant draft! Now is the time to check those window seals. If you have double or triple glazing windows, then you’re going to get much more benefit from them if the seals are intact. If they need work, remember that most companies that install windows do so with a number of years warranty, so you may still be covered. The newer your windows, the less likely that you’ll be able to repair the seals yourself, and it may be worth getting professional help before it starts getting too cold.

Getting your home ready as we approach the latter two months of the year will go a long way to making your winter much more comfortable. Get ahead of any potential issues, and you’ll be able to sip hot chocolate in the comfort and warmth of your home with much greater peace of mind.




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