Why pregnancy kicks really assume a lot of importance?

Kick count for pregnancy is something advocated by the doctors. They do suggest the use of a pregnancy kick counter to figure out the exact pattern of kicks. The reason on why they tend to advocate such a situation is because of the following reasons.

The reduction of kicks point that the baby is in distress

The moment you touch 28 weeks, the doctor advises you to keep a count of the kicks of your baby. In a couple of hours the baby would kick around 10 times. If the reduction in fetal activity occurs it does point to a sign of distress.

  • Nutritional problems or maternal stress- the physical and emotional connotes the condition of the baby. If the nutritional supply is not proper it would lead to improper development of the nervous system along with the brain which would go on to reduce fetal activity. A general suggestion would be drink a lot of water if you do not feel the movement of the baby.
  • Placenta abruption- It can go on to disrupt the flow of oxygen or blood to the body act as a hindrance for development

With the help of an ultrasound, it can go on to figure out the heartbeat of your little one, along with the reasons for the reduction in fetal movements.

There is no major reason for reduced kicks that occurs during the course of pregnancy

Babies are known to take rest in the womb for 20 to 40 minutes and this could stretch even up to 90 minutes. But once they grow in size, the rolling or movement does become difficult in the later stages of pregnancy. It is an obvious sign that the amount of kicks is going to reduce. But at this point of time you are likely to experience painful kicks under the ribs or jerks for a few minutes.

The fetal movements does point to future behaviour

As per studies the behaviour of a baby inside the womb does point to temperament issues in the early part of childhood. But this does not only stand in the development of a child. These are the feel good factors that you should give due consideration.

You are going to have a hang of the kicks after 9 weeks

When you feel a flutter in your abdomen in the starting phase of pregnancy it is an indication of baby movements. This movement does take place around the 7th week of your pregnancy. You could term this as a very early phase for a woman to be feeling them. Babies are known to kick after 9 weeks of gestation once they go on to move their limbs. You can figure out the early kicks with the help of an ultrasound. Once you reach 28 weeks of gestation you can feel the kicks of the baby very now and then.

Another interesting fact is that the intensity of the kicks is going to reduce if you happen to be lying on the left side.

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