How A Clean Ductwork Is Helpful For Personal Health And Air Condition Performance?

Ductwork in an air conditioning system is the most ignored component. It is the circulatory system and heart of the HVAC unit. The core system will not function correctly, if the system is gunked up with dust or mold.

How duct system operates?

Duct system offers the airflow a controlled route throughout the home. System is made from duct board, sheet metal, fiber glass, insulated cloth, or plastic. In some homes, you will find a mishmash of these materials.

The duct system includes three main parts including return air, supply air and exhaust air. Generally, exhaust air ducts are needed, if you live in a multi-storey building.

Supply air is absorbed from outside the house via ventilation system. The return air passes through the filter into the duct, where they get blended with supply air in the plenum. This mixed air moves over the evaporator coil and loses heat. This cooled air is carried through a separate path to the vent and blown into the rooms.

Is duct cleaning necessary?

Duct cleaning is necessary, if –

  • After cleaning, you still see dust floating around
  • Dusting the furniture and sweeping needs to be carried out more than usual
  • Occupants experience nasal congestion, sinus issues or headache during or after sleep
  • If you feel no air flow is coming from the vent
  • On switching the HVAC system there is a stale and musty odor
  • Occupants get sick and experience allergies constantly

Duct cleaning services

Replacing filters, cleaning evaporator and condenser coils is easy but air duct cleaning is complex. Professionals make use of special vacuums, brushes, and blowers to clean the supply, return, and intake duct network, all through the home. A proper duct cleaning service will include the cleanup of registers, air handler, fans, motors, grills, coils, and housing of the HVAC unit.

Benefits of professional duct cleaning

  • Poor indoor air quality gets better – Homeowners prefer periodic cleaning of their ductwork because they have witnessed decline in allergic symptoms and illnesses.
  • Performance of HVAC system gets better – Dust and debris gunked in the air ducts create friction, which hinders the air flow to reach the rooms. Cleaning these ducts allows the components to operate smoothly and thus the HVAC system gives better performance.
  • Reduces utility bills – when air ducts are blocked the blower fan works hard to cool or heat the room, which results in usage of more electricity. Clean ducts regularly and decrease your monthly energy bills.
  • Attain a clean home – The dust, which was blown in the room, contaminates the indoor air, as well as makes the interiors dusty and dirty. A professionally cleaned duct saves the time and effort needed to sweep, dust, and clean the house more than usual.

Duct sealing

In case, the professionals detect air duct leakage then they will seal it. Sealing leaks will decrease air seepage, optimize energy efficiency, and control pollutants entry/development. You can contact the technicians at air conditioning company San Diego, if you need to save on overall cooling cost through upgrading the system.

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