Why Are Granite Worktops So Expensive

When it comes to decorating your kitchen there are many different aspects to consider. Obviously there’s the more practical stuff, like where can you install the sink, who is going to grout your tiles and how long will it take to get everything connected to the water mains. Then there’s the fun stuff – picking funky appliances, the perfect accessories and of course, the right kitchen worktop.

Although it can very tempting to skimp on this last one, it won’t pay off in the long run. You need something that’s durable, long lasting and something that can withstand plenty of get-togethers, family meals and dinner parties. That’s why you should consider a granite top.

But isn’t Granite Expensive?

There’s no denying that granite can come with a steep price tag, which is why people are tempted by the likes of plastic and concrete that are also on offer. The former is considerably cheaper, while the latter offers more personalisation with the layout. However granite is always a firm favourite for kitchen design.

Why is it so popular?

Well first off, it looks fantastic. Granite has the depth and finish that you can only get from natural stone. You can also pick the perfect shade to match your style, with blue Brazilian granite, gold Italian granite and the shimmering black granite that comes from Norway.

Along with looks, granite also boasts plenty of durability. Although concrete has a similar level of durability, it is susceptible to staining and will more than likely require more upkeep than granite.

Granite also comes with a certain sense of grandeur that can not only add to the look of your kitchen, but can also be a selling point for when you decide to move on and want to put your house on the market.

So why is it so expensive?

Although granite in its raw form can be found in abundance, it sadly doesn’t come finished, cut and ready for you kitchen. It has to be processed, carefully handled and then shipped. Add in the fact that it’s so heavy and will also need to be professionally installed, and it’s easy to see why it doesn’t come cheap. Learn all about granite here.

How do I know how much mine will Cost?

The best idea is to consult a professional if you’re totally sure you want granite and are willing to absorb the costs into your kitchen renovation budget. However, if you just want to get a rough idea, plenty of websites can offer you a rough estimate if you add in the measurements of your kitchen counter.

Double check what the cost includes too. Is it just the slabs of granite, or does it also include delivery and fitting? Unless you’re a competent stonemason with plenty of friends around to help you lift, it’s best to pay extra to make sure you get the perfect finish.

Matt Morley is the director Medusa Stone, one of the leading stonemasons in Essex. Medusa Stone is based in Basildon and they specialise in designing, building and fitting the finest stone kitchen worktops.

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