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How Can Usage Of Plastic Dig Grave For You?

This argument has been long since there. But the fact is that most of the people are trying to take undue advantage of the wreaking havoc that plastic bags create everywhere rather than honestly working towards eradicating the problems arising out of it.

Every now and then we get to see campaigns running against the use of plastic and switching over to paper bags but how effective are those? The truth is nothing less than scary wherein we are digging our own grave by taking things lightly. Are we prepared to face the consequences of the mess we have created by becoming so dependent on plastic? Whether we accept or not but we already know that the escape is difficult but not impossible.

Regulating Consciousness

Awareness about anything never harms you till the time it is utilized in the right sense. It is always good when your effort is being lauded for so why not take the lead and understand our social responsibility. Change is inevitable and our resistance towards change a fact but is it so cumbersome that we cannot change ourselves for good. There is nothing that we are not aware of the harmful effects of using plastic bags. At many places, the usage has seen a downward trend; however, awareness still continues to be a concern.

How Can Usage Of Plastic Dig Grave For You?
Join hands with people and agencies that are truly serving as a catalyst in the process of safeguarding ourselves and the environment from the wrath of plastic usage. Why not resort to creating and spreading awareness on social media that happens to be almost everyone’s lifeline these days? Break the boundaries, come out of the shelled empire and breathe easy by contributing your own special way towards our better future.

Steps to bring change in process

We are the end users so it is definitely us who can bring about the desired change. Few of the many things that we can do to curb the usage are:

  • Switch over to paper carrier bags rather than plastic bags.
  • Let us try to go back to the times where plastic did not exist but we still managed – trust yourself, it is not tough
  • Explore further to look for the best available alternatives for plastic at every place whether residential or commercial
  • The options are many moreover buying it on website lets you get the best deals as well whether it is wholesale carrier bags or retail – online platform is good for all
  • Start donating the paper at your home so that it can be recycled into small paper bags that can be used for light products

Devastating effect on nature

Ask one, you will find many who are affected by the use of plastics – those who can talk and those who cannot. Worst hit are the poor animals that cannot even speak and end up getting hurt being fed over disposed plastic. Want to know what it is doing, let us take a look:

  • The decomposition process of plastic takes over 1000 years that affects not only the soil but also releases toxic chemicals that ultimately harm the entire nature
  • The production process releases toxic chemicals and residual that when left unattended cause direct harm to the entire living species
  • Manufacturing plastic means we are employing the energy, manpower and money in something that is going to hit us only in the long run
  • The marine life gets affected the most i.e. the factories that dispose off their waste material in the water bodies kill the marine animals. Every now and then we watch news wherein not only small but big animals like whale, sharks and so on lay dead on the shores – reason being swallowing harmful products disposed off in water

Be good so that the good comes back to us as against vice versa where we are not doing any good for our bad only.

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