How Does Laser Scar Removal Work?

During laser scars removal treatment the effected or the scarred area is targeted with a laser beam. This very treatment can give amazing result. The laser burns away the topmost layer of the skin in order to reveal the smooth and healthy skin where scar used to be. There are a number of lasers available in the market and they are used for the treatment but they work on the same principle and their action is almost same. This very treatment is also used for skin resurfacing treatment though the procedure and action is same but the goal changes from removing the scar to resurfacing the face skin.

The laser which will be chosen for the treatment and the intensity of the beam will depend upon the type of scar mark which you have on your body. More severe scar mark will require intense laser beam but one thing that you should remember is that with the increasing intensity of laser the risk and chances of side effects also increases. After going through your medical report and medical history your doctor will tell you which treatment will be best for you.

Details of the Treatment Procedure

While the procedure is carried out, the patient is provided with special glasses in order to protect their eyes from the laser beams. After the treatment is over the person who has undergone the treatment is provided pain medication. Though one might feel a little bit of uncomfortable because of the stinging sensation but in reality it is not very painful, so there is nothing to be worried about. You won’t have to worry about the healthy area of your skin as the laser is focused on the affected area only and the healthy area is not disturbed.

Generally the procedure doesn’t take much time but the time period for which the scarred area will be under treatment will depend upon the severity and size of the scar. The laser which is used in such treatment is very precise thus the nearby area of the scar is not affected by the unwanted exposure of that area to the laser beam.

You will have to undergo 5 to 6 sessions in order to get the expected result. The scar might get removed completely or the scar mark intensity decreases to a great extent. After getting the treatment your skin will take a few days to heal.

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