Cabinet Door Knob – A Perfect Match For Your Cabinets

Cabinet door knob is a very small thing in the decoration of a house, office, and any such setup.  However, it always had an important role to play. For one, it had to serve its functional purpose and then it had to add to the decor of the room. Looking at the old, ornate, heavy knobs of the wooden chests and cupboards it is clear that the cabinet door knobs had a dominant role to play in the look of the room. Over the years, the materials used for making the knobs have changed. Earlier it used to be brass or wooden.  Now there is a wide range of choice. Some of them are porcelain, aluminum, glass and various types of wood. Especially the kitchen cabinets are used very often and the knobs have to be sturdy. So it is vital that cabinet door knobs are strong and attractive.

The next point to be considered is that it should merge with the decor of the room. It has to suit the shape of the cabinet, the lamp shades, and other furnishing. Apart from this, the knob should also feel good on the hands. So, rough edges or an overdone ornate design can harm the hands. The price factor also plays an important role while choosing a cabinet knob. Selecting the apt cabinet door knob depends on a few factors. There are a lot of styles available in market. To make the selection process easy, the knobs can be put into three categories. They are the traditional, contemporary, and transitional styles. Each has a unique beauty and they have to be chosen according to the need of the customer. Depending upon the affordability, the customer can choose the low quality and high quality knobs in each of these styles. The low quality knobs are lighter, thinner and can wear off easily, while the high quality ones are denser, heavier and will last for a longer time.

Things to Keep In Mind While Buying Cabinet Knobs

  • The overall look of the space has to be considered before purchasing the knobs. Other than wooden knobs there are glass, metal and crystal knobs. Many metals like bronze, nickel, stainless steel and chrome. The different metals suit a contemporary style. Traditional designs look best with glass and crystals suit the vintage look.
  • The color combination of the cabinet door and the main door is important. For instance a light shade knob looks good on a dark shade door.
  • Pulls are another form of cabinet knobs that has been used from a long time.
  • A combination of pulls and knobs give a different look to the room and the cabinet. With knobs on the upper cabinets and pulls in the lower cabinets the customer can save on the price as well.
  • Contemporary designs blend well with sleek and simple cabinet pulls or knobs. Textured pulls go well with the traditional design. Transitional designs look good on ornamental shapes.

Brick and mortar shops sell the cabinet knobs and the customers get a chance to see the real thing and then purchase. Selecting it from a regular shop is the best way to choose. But in the busy world of today there are many other options which are less time consuming and there are more who opt for it. This is the online purchase of the cabinet door knobs. Different prices, different brands, different materials are available aplenty on the internet. It is easy to compare the price and go in for the best deal. The images of the knobs are there for all to see and there can be no mistake if the purchase is made on the internet.

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