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Hydronic Floor Heating Systems- The Most Innovative Heating system

Heating and cooling systems have become an integral part of our house. When we want to decide on the floor heating system, we have two options- Hydronic or electric. The amount of power taken to heat the complete house with an RFH (electric) system is good but is not cost-effective. So, the other fantastic option to heat the whole house is Hydronic floor heating systems.

Water is used in Hydronic heating systems in order to move the heat around the house. The water within the system is neither the source of the heat nor the destination; it is regarded as the “conveyor belt.” Heat is absorbed at the heat source by water and released into a space by a heat emitter.

New House or Renovation of Old House

Before you choose the heating systems, it is important to know whether you are planning to build a new house or going to renovate an already existing one. This is important because if the construction is new, Hydronic floor heating systems is better. You can also install Hydronic systems if you are renovating your existing home, but before you do that you need to remove the top layer of the flooring, which can be really expensive and can involve lot of labor.

Suppose you decide to go for Hydronic RFH system, the first thing that should strike your mind is the cost. It would cost anywhere from $3,800 to $13,000 and depend upon the area of your home. The RFH system is definitely efficient and has a longer life. Hydronic floor heating systems offer a lot of benefit, the first one being the variety of sources that you can use to heat and water. They can be Gas-fired boiler; Oil fired boiler, solar water heater or even Kerosene.

You can decide on the source of heating depending on the size of your house and the weather conditions. For example, if your house has tall ceilings and you live in a cold climate you may probably need a boiler system. On the other hand, if you stay in a smaller home in a hot place then you can use a regular water heater. You need to consult a RFH specialist before you put it in the flooring. A general contractor is good enough to install the system. Installation can be done in two ways dry or wet.

Usually a boiler or water heater is linked to a system of pipes that channel water from a single source to different levels. Due to this, you can heat each area of your home with the help of a programmable thermostat. Then the hot water from the manifold is passed through tubing with the help of re-circulating water pump.

Maintenance for a Hydronic Floor Heating System is Minimal

With the fast life, it has become increasingly difficult to find time for maintenance. The boiler needs annual checkup, however the latest pumps available in the market use water for lubricating the parts and hence very low-maintenance. In case your system breaks, you can hire a professional, because fixing it all by yourself can be a complicated and expensive process. At times, the unit can become beyond repair and so it has to be replaced. This will cost the same as installing the unit first time.


The primary objective of any heating system is to provide comfort. This objective should not be compromised by other factors, one of the main one being the cost. The heating systems of even the smallest residences have an impact on the productivity, health, and the general satisfaction of several people. All you need is a good sense to plan and do the right installation. Go through these link to get some more useful information about Hydronic Floor Heating.

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