How Movies Influence People’s Lives In Good & Bad Ways!

Movies have always played a very important role in the lives of people and this is why it is so important as an industry. It takes you away to a new land and you do not have to worry about daily chores when you are engrossed in a three hour movie. Psychologists state that watching movies is a very important part of development- it reduces the monotony and ensures that you get the much needed break you are looking for.

JD Dukes an enthusiast when it comes to watching movies in the USA states that movies picture the social reality of the world. People tend to associate the outside world with movies. The directors and the script writers often pick up common issues that need awareness. They wish to portray this reality on screen. Most of them do it with study and research. Like movies, you will also find television serials too creating a positive impact when it comes to the portrayal of information and education. There are some popular TV serials that actually hold the audience in awe with their real life characters.

Take for example the character of Boss Hogg in the widely watched TV series “The Dukes of Hazzards”. This TV series was so successful that it has completed seven seasons and was first aired in 1975. Till date the show has completed 147 episodes.

This series drew its inspiration from the Moonrunners- another popular series aired on TV in the USA.

Boss Hogg- The Main Character

If you take a look at the main protagonist of the series, Boss Hogg, you will find that he is the richest man in Hazzard County. However, he is popular among viewers not for his virtues but for his sins. He is greedy and corrupt. He is always ready to get his hands on more money and this includes creating schemes that are wicked in nature. He is a man of style and known for his suits that fit his 62 inch waist. He is also popular for his criminal activities and is an amusing character also known for his signature cowboy hats and cigars.

TV Making Characters Seem Real Life!

The fictional character of Boss Hoggs has made him popular across the USA. He is known for his lust for money and he will do just anything in his hands to get it. His powers change with every episode and this is why he is widely watched by many. This character appears regularly in all the episodes and he successful creates an impact on the people that love to watch his ways and copy his habits.

JD Dukes says that the turning point of this character came to enthrall audiences when he was diagnosed with a fatal illness however when he finds out he is ill, he tries to turn over a new leaf. He wishes to be good however this does not work for him as the moment he discovers that he is not fatally ill anymore, he ceases being good and resorts back to being mean.

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