Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Clothing Hang tags

Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Clothing Hang Tags

Clothes’ logo designs that are extremely creative in their approach almost immediately grab the attention of the target market. “Look at that logo, it looks so simple yet stands out because of the creative thought involved in the design.” It definitely feels nice to be at the receiving end of such encouraging compliments. This implies that designers need to pull up their socks so that they can come up with such great ideas that will promote the business and generate awareness. As we know, ideas are bulletproof implying that they cannot be attacked as they spread among people like wildfire.

But, there are several norms that designers need to keep in mind when coming up with designs for clothing hang tags. To err is human so it is natural that designers will make mistakes. But we should make efforts to provide the necessary help to designers so that they can avoid these errors.  So, let us take a look at the mistakes that need to be avoided.

  • Make the Right Color Choice – It is important to choose the right colors because we are all aware of the importance of color psychology. Not just that but how much this psychology influences business and brands in the right way. Make sure to have complete clarity about the business in order to understand the color palette that will go well with the business. For example, the color pink will not go well with a financial company.
  • Choose the Font Accurately – Don’t we all love the font style of Google! It is simple, vibrant yet highly influencing. This is the power of choosing the right font style. The font you choose needs to be an extension of what your business or your company stands for. Artistic font style or bold style should be selected keeping in mind the business needs.
  • Don’t Communicate Much through Hang tags – Hang tags usually have very less surface area so it is best not to communicate much through them. It is best to keep the hang tags only for the logos. The design of your hang tags must be kept simple and minimal. There is no need to add everything in your hang tags to end up making them look clumsy and cramped.
  • Create Abstract Logos – Abstract logos are a big hit but it is also very tricky at the same time. This means that in case the abstract design finds a connect with the audience it will become a sensation but in case people don’t identify with the design it will fall flat. So, make sure you are very sure about the abstract design you are planning to have on your clothes logo.

These are some of the common mistakes that designers tend to make and it is best to avoid them to stay away from criticism. The right logo design goes a long way in generating the right buzz in the consumer market. However, the logo design can help you in marketing and branding your clothes well. But the clothes need to be high in quality and at par with the latest trends.

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