How Should You Handle The Repair Activity, If your Car Is Damaged In Accident

How Should You Handle The Repair Activity, If your Car Is Damaged In Accident

If you are driving any car, then there may be a chance that you may encounter with an unfortunate accident. In case if you find that your car has been damaged due to accident, then you must follow the following tips in order to get it fixed, so that you can drive it as soon as possible.

Get an Estimate of your Damage

It is not necessary that you have to estimate about the damage all by yourself. As soon as you contact your insurance company, they will send their representative who will assess the damage and also make estimation about their repair charges, as they are going to pay all the repair charges.

If you find that your car is not so much damaged and you are able to drive it legally, then you will be directed to take your car to nearest place where they can help you to provide you estimation facility.

Selecting the Repair Shop

Most of the insurance companies will usually allow you to select the repair shop as per your choice. These things are mentioned in the insurance policy paper itself. In fact you must check this point while renewing or purchasing any insurance policies.

However some of the insurance companies will provide the list of repair shops and will insist that you visit only those repair shops only. Usually such repair shops have close tie up with insurance companies and offer the repair rate, which is favorable to insurance companies.  Since insurance companies provide them more businesses, they have special consideration for them.

There is nothing wrong to take your car to those listed repair shops as long as the repair shops take the full decision about repair. If insurance companies take decision about repair activity, then that may not be in your interest. Insurance companies will always prefer to do minimum amount of repair to minimize the compensation, which may compromise with your family’s safety.

Therefore, you must make sure that you have the right to select your repair shop while buying your insurance policies.

Use the Right Spare Part

While repairing, your car you must ensure that the parts replaced by the repair shop are original part and not an old or used part. If your repair shop is using any unauthorized or used part, then it can be safety hazard for you.

If your insurance company insists you to use any inferior spare part, then refuse it and pay from your own pocket for the right original part. You can later sue your insurance company and claim the difference amount paid by you.

If Any New Damage is Found

During repair process in any body shop Los Angeles, there may be chance that some additional damage can be discovered. In such case repair shop will contact insurance company and inform about the additional damage. Insurance company will inspect it and then may authorize the repair.

It is therefore important that you choose such repair shop that is known for their quality work so that your car is repaired in proper manner and your safety is not compromised.

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