How The Basic Wine Characteristics Can Help You Get Favorites

So as to develop your taste as well as find favorites, you must learn some things about wines especially their basic characteristics. By learning these traits, you will have a greater opportunity of finding what you love. Recently, the focus on the analysis and rating of wines has been on the increase. This focus is on almost all wine types including the French Wines. Crowd- sourcing wine ratings, unfortunately, are just like asking children. The best way for you to understand your wine taste is categorizing wines based on their basic characteristics and then selects what you prefer to the others.

To learn the fundamental wine characteristics, it is crucial to know the art (or the science if you like) of tasting any wineor otherwise. This will help you identify the things you like concerning any given wine.

Level of Dryness Aka Sweetness

Our human perception as far as the sweetness is concerned begins at our tongue tip. Normally, the first impression of wines is their level of sweetness. It is important to focus your entire attention o taste buds found on the tip of the tongue while tasting any wine. What is your experience? Are your buds tingling? Remember that this tingling is an indication of sweetness. Whether you believe it, or you don’t, most dry wines can indeed have a sweetness hint that will be carrying the larger impression of your body. If you realize that some wines, have got a residual sugar, most likely you might not enjoy such a hint of sweetness in the wine.

The Art Itself

Focus on the following aspects:

  • A tingling sensation on your tongue tip
  • A slight oily sensation that lingers on your middle tongue
  • A higher viscosity that cases it to tear slowly on your glass side (an indication of high ABV)
  • Such dry red wines as cabernet sauvignon usually have got up to 0.9 grams of residual sugar per liter.(typical trait of cheap wines)
  • Bone dry wines can (at most times) be confused with wines with high tannin

Acidity: your head wrapped around it

Acidity in drinks and food is zesty and tart. Tasting it is usually confused with tastes of higher alcohol. Wines, including French Wines commonly grown in vintages that are cool, tend to have a higher acidity. To identify such wines, focus your buds on a light weight characteristic as they do come across somewhat spritzy. If you love wines that are round and rich, then your taste is the slightly less acidity variety.

Acidity Characteristics

Focus on these aspects:

  • A tingling sensation focused on the tongues sides and front. You will experience something like pop rocks.
  • Your tongue will feel gravely every time you rub it to your mouths roof.
  • Your mouth will feel wet as if you had an apple bite.
  • You feel like gleeking.


This is actually the characteristic of wine that is often misunderstood. People normally confuse it with dryness level since tannin is known to dry the mouth.

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