The Benefits Of Decorating Your Windows With Customised Roman Shades

There are many options to choose from when you want to buy window treatments for your home. Although many people end up selecting mini-blinds for their windows because they are readily available at most home improvement stores, you may want to choose something more decorative, like roman shades. There are many benefits to having roman shades in your home including:

  • Material Variety
  • Colour Availability
  • Easier to Clean

Material Variety

Roman shades come in many different types of materials, including different types of fabrics, and they are also available in wood. Bamboo shades are especially popular when you want a more rustic look or for use in the kitchen and other rooms where fabric shades may not last as long.  If you want to find shades that will allow you to look outside, but still give you some privacy, you can purchase “lookout” roman shades. These shades allow you to see out through your window, but passers-by will not be able to see in on you.

For daytime sleepers, you can purchase roman shades made from blackout fabrics to keep you from being disturbed during the daytime hours. The blackout fabrics block out most of the light that comes in through your window. For maximum effect, you may want to install the shades over the window frame instead of being set within it. If you want to keep the sun’s rays from causing your carpets or fabric furniture to fade, then you can order sunscreen roman shades that are designed to block the sun’s UV rays.

Colour Availability

There is no end to which colours or patterns you can choose when you order customised roman shades for your windows. You will be able to order roman shades in any colour that you need to match the decor of any room. If you need them for your child’s room, you can select fabrics in primary colours or in whimsical fabrics like stripes or realistic nature scenes. By customising your blinds, you have many more options than you would if you chose to buy pre-made roman shades.

Easier to Clean

The one thing most people dislike about blinds is how difficult they can be to clean. However, if you choose to put up roman shades in your home, you will find they are easier to clean than blinds with slats. If your shades are made from wood, all you would have to do is roll them down and use a cloth to dust them off. You could even use a light amount of polish to help make sure you get all of the dust off of them. If your roman shades are made from fabric, roll them down all the way and use your vacuum to carefully remove any dust on them.

You can buy custom roman shades from most companies that sell custom blinds in Brisbane. Just contact the company and have them come out and measure your windows in order for them to fit properly, then choose the material and colour of your choice for the shades.

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