How To Choose The Best Wine Distributor

Choosing a reliable wholesale wine distributor is not an easy thing. When an opportunity presents itself for being a wine distributor for your winery, it can be incredibly tempting for several distributors to simply say yes. They will definitely flatter, as well as promise you the moon; however can they walk the walk? This is why you should choose specialist importers of fine French to market your wine all over the world.

When it comes to choosing a wine distributor to work with, the right one should be well equipped with a vast list of contacts and knowledge so that they can give you what you desire. However, a wine distributor can either make or break your deal. As such, you should make sure that you have the right person working with you.

The following are some of the questions you should ask a wine distributor prior to committing your brand:

  • Do they have a Portfolio?

Looking at the portfolio of the distributor will tell you whether they can represent your brand or not. If you would like to move lots of products, then you would definitely like to see some large and famous producers on their list as well as a signature that shows that the distributorship does extremely well in handling large allocations. On the other hand, if you deal with low production, then the distributor’s list should also have similar brands. If distributing French wine for instance, there is Grand Millesime, among other distributors.

  • Why do they think they’re the Perfect Fit for you?

You have to be extremely sure that they are not approaching you due to the fact that you have a high score on a single wine brand. If that is the case, they will definitely drop you as if you’re a hot potato next vintage, when a similar distributor does come through with a better or an identical score. And this will leave lots of frustrated retailers with some resentment towards you (as the brand owner for abandoning them) as well as unfulfilled orders. When consulting with your prospective distributor, you should not make eager suggestions; instead you should encourage them to elaborate how, where and why you’re good for their portfolio. Look for points that are reflecting your background, focus on pricing and production levels.

  • What similar Brands do they Carry?

You would not like to be the lone ranger on their listings. Although it is okay, as well as desirable, maybe to have the only vermentino or tempranillo in the portfolio, you would not like to notice that they’re usually successful in selling brands from different producers who are established in your region, the same size and working with similar core varieties. Choosing a specialized distributor will be a step in the right direction to ensure that you get your wine to the customers out there.

  • Who is their Biggest Competitor?

This is usually a tricky question. It normally invites your prospective distributor to explain to you more about what makes them competitive and unique as compared to other distributors. Listen closely and keenly to their answers and analyze them.

  • How Many Representatives are Covering your Region?

With notable expectations, the bigger the territory, the more holes in terms of coverage. If you have large or mid-size production, then regional or state-wide firms will simplify your life. However, if you have low-production, it might not be advisable to commit to a distributor who prefers a large territory.

Knowing how to select and work with wine distributor is one major factor but getting a reliable and reputable one is another. Check online distributor directories that usually feature reviews on wine distributors. However, it is important to note that you should read these reviews with an impartial mind, since many people could be posting malicious content or writing reviews that are not entirely true.

Some of these directories even consist of forums where members who are usually retailers post comments on wine distributors. Joining such forums will definitely give a head start when choosing one of the best wine distributors.

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