The Benefits Of Plastic Surgery

Undergoing plastic surgery used to feel a little clandestine. There was a social stigma attached to it. There was the fear of something going wrong. There was the long recovery periods. Luckily, with modern science attributing to advances in plastic surgery every year, women no longer need to fear the knife. In fact, they can embrace it. The following are the top five reason more and more women are turning to plastic surgery.

1. More Confidence

The main reason many women seek out plastic surgery is to gain more confidence. When we look as good on the outside as we feel on the inside, we automatically exude more confidence. Think back to the last time you had your makeup applied by a professional or the last time you had your hair styled. Recall that moment of confidence you exuded as you walked out of the salon, and your hair bounced as you were strutting down the street. Now imagine that moment times 10. According to  Dr. Raghu Athre , plastic surgery can help you become the strong, confident woman you are inside.

The Benefits Of Plastic Surgery

Many women possess inner confidence but feel held back by a small flaw that has bothered them since childhood. Maybe the skin around your belly has sagged since you gave birth to your first child. Maybe you feel self-conscious about your double chin and shy away from photos. Maybe you don’t wear a bathing suit in the summer because your bust size is smaller than you’d like. All these are some of the top reasons women choose to get plastic surgery.

2. Turning Back Time

As we age, we tend to look in the mirror and find that we don’t recognize our reflections. While this is completely normal, it isn’t necessary. We don’t need to feel the effects of aging so rapidly or so harshly. A few injections of Botox or a simple eye lift can easily correct some of the issues that come with age and gravity. Wrinkles, varicose veins, sagging necks and age marks can make any woman feel that she isn’t comfortable in her own skin. Many women chose to go under the knife to reverse these signs of aging and return to the women they saw in the mirror 5, 10 or 20 years ago.

The Benefits Of Plastic Surgery
3. Letting Inner Light Shine Out

While many women want to return to the way they looked many years ago, a lot of women want to become the women they know they are inside. If you’ve ever felt that you have plenty to offer the world but that the world passes you by because of your shyness, you understand this frustration. Women who undergo plastic surgery often understand these feelings of loneliness and shyness. They’re dying to let their inner light shine through and show the world their true selves.

4. Safer than Ever

Though plastic surgery has been practiced for thousands of years, the majority of women who desired plastic surgery were afraid of the side effects or pain of going under the knife. Now, plastic surgery is such a common practice, that most women already know a friend or a coworker who has undergone a breast augmentation or had a nose job or tummy tuck. As these procedures become safer, more and more women feel comfortable undergoing surgery. Since these procedures are now common practice, there is less downtime. Women can walk into a clinic, have a procedure and be out the next day—or in some cases, even the same day.

5. Societal Changes

There also used to be a social stigma attached to plastic surgery. Society would turn noses up and cry, “Why don’t you love yourself the way you are?” Yet this was the same society that was telling women they needed to look a certain way. Now, we understand that plastic surgery isn’t about changing your entire façade but becoming the person you want to be. Many women choose to go under the knife for breast augmentation or a tummy tuck because they’ve lost impressive amounts of weight, and their breasts or tummies sag with extra skin. Losing weight should be something we commend—not something we condemn—so we can bid adieu to the loose skin that hangs around our chests or our torsos too.

If you’ve ever felt that you could benefit from more confidence and a younger-looking physique, you might consider going under the knife.

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