How To Create Your Own Online Store Easily

The idea behind the Fresh store builder is to enable individuals build their own store for items on Amazon. Each time a purchase is made on your site you will get commissions based on the value of the product. The more sales made from your store the more money you will earn in commissions.

The process of creating your online store is one that does not take too much time. You will get a lot of information of how to go about it from various resources availed to you. The layout of the store is quite simple to accommodate ease of putting up a store. Most users get surprised at how easy it is to use the site. With an option to add Amazon products either automatically or manually to your store, not much is required from you after that as after sales begin coming in.

Easy Process

It is easy to go through the building process since you will receive detailed instructions on how to do it. There are resources everywhere, on how to go about the process and in addition you can get more advice from the knowledgeable support. Knowing how much it means for one to get help with a new product, everything has been put in place to ensure you get optimum assistance in setting up your store.

There is a way for you to ensure your products are discovered on the platform. Breaking down products to categories and subcategories will take care of this. You will be able to further break it down with filters that narrow down the search to options such as color and size.


When it comes to adding content on the store you can get it from manufacturing sites of the products. This is then crafted out to be able to sell the product on your site. From there you then choose the right layout for it. You will be able to sell your products to any country that supports Amazon.

Requirements for Building a Store

  • Website for publishing content
  • Purchase the app and build a store
  • Amazon account to get paid on

Be sure to keep adding content to your site and share generously on social platforms. The more attention you attract to your site the more sales you are able to clinch. Entice the customer with your words so that he can hardly wait to make a purchase. This is the area where your content will sell you directly to the visitors.


Stay with your niche so that your site becomes identified with it. You are better off with a particular market target for which your site is useful.

Different sections of your store have different functionalities as well. For instance, the dashboard contains a number of links to direct you to features on the page. There is a lot you can do from there, to enhance the running of your store. This is the storehouse of all that happens on your store. It is the place where you can be able to make alterations and even add content to your site.

Check out this review with a mind to learn all that you can on making the most out of the site.  Much of what you learn is from hearing from others who have had experience using the product. If you are keen on drawing in cash from sales on your store you will get all the help there is to realize your dream. It is why there are so many features to allow your hard work to bear fruit.

I am sure you realize by now how easy it is to build your store. With this information, nothing stands in your way to making an easy buck with little effort on your part. Just a bit of effort setting up and from there you will have earnings to look forward to each month. Moreover, you can market your store on social media or supply content visitors will be happy to share with others. And there is a lot to look forward to as the Fresh store builder App is constantly getting upgraded to include more functionality too. All this, to help make it easy for you to make money as an affiliate of Amazon.

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