3 Ways To Make Your Home Environment-Friendly

3 Ways To Make Your Home Environment-Friendly

Excessive pollution at every place and in every weather condition has led to more gruesome consequences than people ever imagined. Today, one in every ten adult and even children are affected by dust allergies or are found to be suffering from ailments caused by the extremely poisonous gases and chemicals that are surrounding us at all times. Though it is not in our hands to lessen the level of pollution outside, it is our responsibility to make our homes greener and healthier for our families. This is the reason why reputed and recognised real estate dealers developers are coming up with environment-friendly flats in Kolkata.

These flats are located within gated communities that have more than 40% of the green area completely dedicated to planting trees and maintaining landscaped gardens. Imagine the pleasure of waking up and opening your windows to behold sprawling greens. Living in a home with a peaceful and green environment offers you with more benefits than you think it does. You live a healthy life and stay rejuvenated as always. But it is not just enough to live in a flat with greenery around. You can turn your own home into an environment-friendly flat. Here, check out the top three ways you can do so:

Grow Plants Indoors – Grow as many live plants as possible across your apartment. The plants will act as natural absorbers of the harmful pollutants in the air. Make it a point to fill your living room corners and balconies with at least one spider plant and rubber plant as they are efficient absorbers of harmful elements. The best part of growing plants indoor is that the plants serve well in beautifying your home and hence, you are not required to worry too much about the home decoration part.

Let the Sunshine Enter Your Home – Sunshine is the most environmentally sound light that can keep your home suitable for a healthy living. It is true that during the summers, too much of sunlight inside the apartment might not be desirable. That is why, go for open blinds, drapes and shutters, which can be kept closed when it is too hot outside and opened when needed to let the sunshine in.

Turn off the Lights When Not in Use – This is an essential step that not only makes your home healthier for you but also ensures that your utility bill amount is lower. Make it a point to switch off the lights of the rooms you are not using. Many people ignore this, assuming that it does not make much of a difference. Try this, you will feel the coolness in your home when you return from work after a long day.

Living in a green home is easy, provided you follow certain steps. However, before anything else, book your new flat in one of the residential gated community projects that are meant to make your life greener.

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