Silestone Worktops: Why Every Homeowner Wants A Piece Of This Rock?

Silestone Worktops: Why Every Homeowner Wants A Piece Of This Rock?

Worktops for kitchen come in various materials, shapes, sizes and colors. All of them have different qualities as well as deficiencies. But it is hard to be sure about them just by looking at them and you often have to trust on your dealer. This is where brand names become useful because you know what a brand stands for or what it does not. A brand is preferred on the basis of its reputation (the opposite may also be true). So, having a brand helps the selection process to a great deal. But the world of kitchen slabs and other such materials in most countries are not so formalized and we do not know of too many big consumer brands in such fields. Thankfully, Silestone worktops have grown to be such a rare brand that immediately tells you what to expect and saves all the confusion. So, let us see what it is and why a lot of people are so excited to get it for their kitchens.

Silestone is basically a type of quartz composites family of stones. It is enriched with silver using a unique technology that makes it bacteria resistant. Basically, they inject certain type of silver ions to prevent any further growth of the bacteria and other microbes that come in touch with it. This in itself is a very unique trait, in fact a seminal innovation, which should make it your top choice taking it ahead of other brands in the market. This specific property also makes it a healthy and safer alternative that attracts people who are concerned about the health of their respective families. Especially if there are children in the family, this should get a serious consideration.

However, the positives of Silestone do not change with that only. It is also one of the best-looking surfaces available in the market. It has thousands of shades in terms of colour choices. The fact that it takes the aesthetics very seriously can be understood from the fact that all the shades of the colours have been catalogued, made available online for you to see and have been given exotic names such as Silestone Niebla and Silestone Lagoon. The names themselves evoke certain colours in your mind and the real items also do not disappoint in most cases when you get hold of them.

Also, the other good news is that despite all these technologies involved and despite having developed such a strong brand name, it remains pretty affordable. This is by no means the cheapest in the market but in any case, nobody should expect such quality and innovation at the cheapest rate. But within the branded options, this remains very reasonably priced and that is why it is highly sought after nowadays. However, the final price may vary as per the local dealers who source these items to your place. So, you should consult all the options in your locality before finalising one that suits your budget. Also, do make sure that the dealer has the color options you want.

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