How To Decide When You Need Glass Bottles?

You will need to have a regular supply of glass bottles for storing samples, serums and vaccination and performing tests. Wheaton’s glass bottles are enduring because they are Wheaton 400 borosilicate molded glass making them strong enough to endure high temperatures and volatile substances.

When you are working in a research laboratory sanitizing your glass bottles is critical to protecting the integrity of your samples and ensuring vital serums don’t become contaminated. At Wheaton we ensure that your glass bottlesare properly prepared for your research needs.

Sanitization of Glass Bottles

Wheaton uses WFI or USP purified water and HEPA filtering and package systems to ensure that any trace organics and inorganics, organic carbon residues and volatile organics are removed. The company can provide glass bottles and vials with endotoxin levels below 0.06 EU/mL. Wheaton also has a unique glass vial that is treated with an additive that prevents the glass from discoloration when gamma radiated. All Wheaton’s glass bottles and containers have full documentation and certification.

Glass Bottles that are Specially Prepared

With your sanitation protocols in mind, Wheaton has two methods of surface treatment for all their glass bottles and containers, so they are ready for use whenever you need them. They use two specific methods for preparing the surfaces of glass bottles.

Salanization—this is one method of deactivating the entire surface of a glass bottle, providing a protective barrier between the surface of the bottle and its contents. This process prevents the occurrence of sites on the glass that could cause a reaction with the valuable contents.

Siliconization—this method sanitizes the bottle using a vapor phase deposition to coat and lubricate the glass container and prevent alkalinization. This process is of particular benefit for the storage of samples that are pH sensitive.

Glass bottles treated with these sanitization processes facilitate better sample recovery.

Why Purchase your Glass Bottles From Wheaton?

The experts at Wheaton are committed todesigning and supplying the most cutting-edge solutions for pharmaceutical industries, diagnostic packaging and laboratory research. They have 125 years’ experience providing solutions for and building relationships with clients like you. Their enduring quality policy means that they consistently meet or exceed their customer’s expectations.

So you won’t be caught out with a short supply when you’re about to start making a fresh batch of solutions, we will help you with demand planning, and setting regular order schedules. This way you can keep production flowing and avoid unnecessary downtime.

Every individual who is part of Wheaton’s team understands the value of integrity and prides his or herself in taking responsibility for their actions. The company donates financial resources and time to help improve their local community and humanity overall.

Wheaton understands how essential glass bottles are as a part of your pharmaceutical or research processes, which is why the company is dedicated to making sure that you have the supplies you need precisely when you need them and that they are of the highest standard available.

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