Your Guide To Selecting The Perfect Ski Resort

If you are planning a skiing break, then you might be feeling a little stuck, in terms of which ski resort to visit. When it comes to picking the perfect resort for your vacation, it can sometimes be a little tricky knowing where to go.

The problem is that with so many amazing ski resorts to choose from, it can be hard to know which resort is most suited to your needs. However, there are a few simple things you can do to make choosing a ski resort a little easier for yourself.

To ensure that you find the perfect ski resort for your needs, we have put together a simple guide, below:

Focus on the Type of Trip you Want

Okay, this might sound a little obvious, but it’s still worth thinking about. Just because you are planning a skiing trip, that doesn’t mean everyone in the group will be a confident skier.

If you do have some unconfident skiers in the group, it is important that the resort has things to keep them occupied. Mountain hikes, tobogganing, reindeer rides, ice skating, shopping, etc. Before booking any resort, make sure to do your research and find out what non-skiing facilities it has.

Consider Your Budget

If you have set a certain budget for your trip, then it is important to take it into consideration when planning your trip. If you have set a budget, you will have done so for a reason, so it is important to stick to it.

If a resort isn’t within your price range, then move on and find somewhere that is. Don’t presume that just because a resort is less expensive that it won’t have the same level of skiing and facilities.

When you are thinking about your budget, make sure to take into account any additional costs, like insurance, equipment hire, transfers, etc.

What Accommodation do you Want?

This is an important thing to consider – do you want to stay in a five-star hotel or a luxury chalet? Where you choose to stay will probably, depend on who you have in your group. If, for example, you have children in the group with you, then booking a hotel might not be the best idea.

As well as hotel rooms, most resorts also have a selection of beautiful luxury chalets that are ideal for larger groups. If you plan on booking a chalet instead of a hotel room, make sure to check that your chosen resort offers them.

Is Apres Ski Important?

Ask yourself whether apres ski is important. If being able to go out after finishing skiing is a must, then look for a resort with lots of restaurants and bars.

If apres ski is not important to you, and you are just as happy to have a mulled wine at your chalet, then don’t worry about the bars the resort has.

How Well can you Ski?

How well you and the rest of the group can ski, will affect the type of resort you choose. You see, some resorts have more green and blue slopes – ideal for beginners while others have a lot of red and black slopes.

Before booking any resort, it is crucial that you look at the map and find out how many of each slope the resort has. The resort you choose should also depend on the skiing ability of the group. If everyone is advanced skiers, then choosing a resort with lots of red and black slopes is ideal. But if the majority of the group are skiing newbies, then it might be a good idea to choose a resort that has more green and blue slopes.

To find the perfect ski resort make sure to follow this handy guide, and you should have all the information you need.

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