How To Have An Official Corporate Anniversary Party

Corporate anniversary parties are a different realm of parties. Unfortunately, many people don’t see the difference. Think of your own corporate anniversary last year. What happened at it? Was it glamorous, elegant and stately? Did everyone get drunk and did your HR manager start a drunken brawl with the marketing manager? Did you simply eat some overpriced food at a fancy restaurant and went home thinking that it would have been better if the same money was spent on having pizza at the local pizza parlour? Did the best employees get crystal trophies in recognition of their work? Which one, as an employee, would you prefer? You would obviously choose the glamorous stately affair where everyone got the due recognition for their work. Well, if so, read on. This article will give you some tips on how to organize that perfect, official corporate anniversary party that people will talk about for years to come.

The Food

In any party, the food plays an important role. Traditionally, over the years, people have gathered and socialized over food and your corporate anniversary party should be no different. What makes it official instead of ordinary? Well, the answer lies in choosing the right menu. When it comes to corporate affairs, food gives a powerful message. So when you are planning your corporate anniversary party, make sure that you choose the right food to reflect on the sleek and stately affair that you are trying to create. It is best to go for sit down meals over buffets. The food should not be messy to eat. If, for example, you choose to have shelled crab at the function, things are going to be messy. In addition, make sure that you know everyone’s food preferences beforehand. Let the catering staff know it in advance, so that they do not serve a medium rare steak to a vegan.

The Music

Once you have the food sorted, you need to concentrate on proper music. The music at an event sets the mood for the entire occasion. Though many corporate functions and entertainments have the right food and every other thing, they tend to make a blunder when it comes to music. When you select the music for your corporate anniversary party, make sure that you choose the right kind of band or DJ. You want to aim for official and not a college frat party. So avoid loud, thumping music. Opt for soft, slow music, followed by dance music. If your guests are not the kind to let it loose on the dance floor, make sure that the volume of the music is comfortable enough to allow conversation.

The Drinks

The next important item on the agenda when planning an official corporate anniversary party is the drinks. Here, by ‘drinks’ we not only mean the alcoholic variety but also the non-alcoholic variety. You should be aware that not all guests would take alcoholic drinks. In such cases, make sure that you make arrangements for non-alcoholic drinks also to be handy. Depending on the formality or the informality of the party, you should control the flow of alcohol. If you are going for a very formal affair, you might want to have a little more control than usual on the flow of alcohol. After all, there is nothing more embarrassing than a drunken brawl at an important corporate function.

How To Have An Official Corporate Anniversary Party

The Agenda

A corporate anniversary party should not be about food, drinks and dancing only. After all, it is the anniversary of the company. There are ample chances to make an impression on the employees as well as other stakeholders at such an event. One such idea is to have an award ceremony. This may be a chance for the management to pick the best employee of the year. It could be an opportunity for the management to recognize and reward the longstanding employees of the company. Such acts of recognition go a long way in ensuring loyalty and making the anniversary party a memorable one for many years to come. You can also use a corporate anniversary party to launch new products or a branding video as well. Regardless of the events that you are going to have, make sure that you prepare an itinerary for the entire evening. Not only that, but you should also make sure to stick to it, so that you do not have to rush anything at the last moment.

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