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Window VPS Hosting US – Must Know Truths

Window VPS Hosting US is not a widely known domain, especially among the business owners having less technological know-how. In fact, there are lots of misconceptions as well as myths associated with the concept. This is the main reason why we felt the need to clear the air to some extent through this article. Here, some of the most important points will be discussed including difference between Linux and Window VPS Hosting USA, guide for heightened security, and many more. In fact, the benefits and disadvantages of both hosting types will also be discussed in here.

Reality of Linux and Windows VPS Hosting Solutions

You will not find much difference between these two kinds of hosting solutions. The only main difference is in the operating systems. While one is based upon Linux, the other is based upon Windows OS. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. While Linux based VPS solution is known to provide more secured environment to the stored data, Window VPS Hosting USis known to provide businesses with more customized facilities. Though Linux based VPS solutions are known for enhanced security, it is not that easy to customize as the personalization services are not readily available. Here’s where Windows hosting solutions are scoring over the Linux ones and naturally have emerged as the preferred solution among business entities. However, it must be mentioned here that Windows VPS hosting solution is costlier than the Linux based ones for two reasons. The first reason is that Linux OS is available free of cost and that’s why users can get VPS solution based on that at affordable cost. The second reason is that Windows OS provide the customers of VPS solutions more access to customized applications and that’s why the cost shoots up.

Making VPS Hosting Secure

As the security aspect of Windows VPS is not as strong as found in Linux VPS solutions, every business needs to look for certain aspects that can help the solution become more secure. In fact, there are 5 steps involved in the same and they are:

Step 1: A business must create Windows Administration user other than the default one. This will help the business get complete administrative privileges.

Step 2:One of the commonest mistakes made by most businesses is choosing weak passwords. This is where companies can do better by choosing secure passwords that consists all kinds of letters and characters (special characters, numerical, letters in lower and upper cases, etc.).

Step 3: Windows provides regular updates and the businesses should update their VPS solution regularly so that they get regular fixes readily. It will be helpful for businesses if they enable auto update option.

Step 4: Businesses must check whether their Windows VPS hosting in US come with Virus scanner as well as active firewall. Setting up and at the same timeconfiguring Windows firewall as well as Windows Security Essentials are very easy.

Step 5:Windows Remote Desktop runs by default on 3389 port. This makes hacking through this port easier because almost every technology geek knows it. So, change it for enhanced security.

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