Personal Loans Philippines at Lowest Interest Rates

Want to apply for a personal loan? Personal loans Philippines at lowest interest rates are easy to avail and that too on affordable terms, but with selective companies. Getting the same approved generally takes a couple of days, at the most.

If you are working and have a stable income, you are definitely eligible to apply for personal bank loans. These loans permit you to get a lump-sum to be used for whatever and whichever way you want and the appreciating thing that you can come across about them is that they do not require any security. You can opt from personal loan packages that are presented by local banks and financial associations. You can easily relate all types of personal loans that are available in the Philippines and discover the best terms, only with us!

eastwest bank personal loan

A personal loan is an outstanding way to get access to the assets to meet your needs. Getting approved for one is comparatively stress-free and Philippine banks don not frequently ask for the collateral. Paying off a personal loan is direct and inexpensive and therefore, is extremely easy to stay up to your funds. Personal loans may present:

  • Immovable interest rates for the full loan period, which means that the sum of your monthly payments is not liable to change till the time you have repaid your loan
  • Stable terms, which means you are aware of exact number of payments you are required to make and till when
  • Stretched payment periods, which permit you to plan payments and cope with your household/personal budget effectively
  • Compulsory monthly basic payments, which confirm that the interest rates do not bury you deep in debt over a period of time

The EastWest Bank Personal Loan is an unsafe and non-collateralize consumer loan that is approved only to the qualified persons for their personal use. It is paid in fixed equal monthly installments.

Whatever your cash requirements are, an EastWest Bank personal loan can be your fast and relaxed answer.

  • It takes 3 – 5 days for processing.
  • You can borrow any amount from P25,000 to P2,000,000.
  • There is a monthly extra rate from 1.49% per month.

As an applicant, you must fulfil EastWest Bank’s eligibility criteria for a loan:

  • You must be a Filipino citizen
  • You need to be minimum 21 years of age and not above 65 years old at the time of loan maturity
  • At least 1 landline number and 1 mobile number
  • Gross monthly income (GMI) must be at least PhP15,000 or annual income of not less than P180,000

You can make use of the Loan calculator to calculate the personal loans Philippines lowest interest or the projected cost of borrowing and the total payment per installment. You will be required to enter the preferred loan amount to spontaneously get the projected monthly.

Thus, personal loans are the coolest and fastest way to arrange for funds when an unforeseen financial obligation occurs. These can be used for any purpose such as payment of a large bill, house makeover, travel abroad, medical crises etc.

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