How To Make A Good Deal While Purchasing A Flat In Kolkata?

It’s Time to Own a Flat

You have finally decided that you don’t want to rent a flat anymore and you need to own one. As the time has arrived when you are considering purchase of a flat, there are things which should be taken care of. These are basically in your wish list (though the ones of higher priority should get the top position) and you need to ensure the demands are met.

It all starts with determining a location where you will dwell in your flat. There are factors which you need to look at once, you know you have found the ideal location.

What you need to look for when Acquiring a Flat?

Lift facility: A flat should have this. It helps the ones who have problem with climbing stairs or are in a hurry to reach the floor where they stay. Lifts help to save time and are essential in times of emergency.

System for disposing waste: Apartments should also have waste disposal system. However garbage dumping grounds near the flat will cause bad odor. This will be disturbing for the residents. It is best to look for an apartment with garbage chutes. This is a convenient way of disposing the garbage.

Balcony: If a flat doesn’t have a balcony, it is best to avoid it. A balcony will allow air to pass. It feels good to have an open space and you can also have some time spend there for a relaxed mind. Ventilation is important and the flats lacking this should be avoided.

Closeness to al facilities of city life: It is necessary to understand that proximity to major action areas is essential. While being far away from the city will give you a less polluted and calm surroundings, it will also cause you the trouble of reaching a medical store, grocery or your office in time. Thus it is required to have a proper balance of green surroundings and these facilities.

What Features Make up a Good 2BHK Flat?

Among all the cities in India, Kolkata is now enjoying much stability in the realty sector. There are premier real estate companies in the city who have already delivered residential projects which have been majorly successful. A lot of these projects have been in different parts of West Bengal with some also in the North Bengal.

Some of these have more than 700 apartments in nearly 50 blocks along with open and playground areas. There is almost every convenience store within these premises. A lot of these are budget housing projects which are aimed for MIG home buyers and include 2 and 3 BHK flats. The ones which are in different stages of building are located at North Bengal cities such as Siliguri. These flats are very much amidst the greenery and close to the mountains while they are well connected to the city.

The real estate brands are working towards providing a lifestyle of convenience which will be endowed with major facilities. It is said that buying a 2 BHK flat in Kolkata which has been delivered by any of these companies can be a good investment.

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