Top 3 Interior Design Recommendations For Your Garage

Top 3 Interior Design Recommendations For Your Garage

In many homes, the garage performs a dual function: housing the cars and serving as a store for various items from lawn mowers, bikes and tools to boxes and other scarcely-used items. But a typical garage design includes a lot of space that is not properly utilised. In many homes, the space from the garage door to the opposite way is cluttered with various items. This can make it difficult to locate equipment and other valuable tools. There are, however, many creative ways to revamp your garage.

Choose a Design Theme

You can transform your garage by selecting a design theme and by decorating it with items from your hobbies. Thus, your garage will cease to be a boring block of concrete and become an exciting place to spend your time. Design themes that you can adopt include:

Floral Theme: Use artificial or real plants to create a floral theme in your garage. Then store your lawn ornaments, patio furniture, potted plants, and other external accessories during winter. Decorate the garage with greens, yellows and blues.

Workbench Heaven: Construct a durable workbench and add sufficient cabinets and shelves. Select a suitable colour that will blend or contrast with the colours of your tools, and tool chests. Thus, you will save the time and effort that was required to locate tools in your tool box.

Car Pictures: Decorate your garage walls with pictures of your best cars. Either vintage, contemporary or futuristic car designs may be hung on the walls. Put up posters from auto shows, races and events, and get excited about the cars you would love to own.

In addition to adopting one of these design themes, you may also add value to your property by installing an automatic garage door. The main advantage of an automatic garage door is that is durable and very convenient to use. You will not require any keys and many of them can now be opened using biometrics.

Adopt Suitable Storage Solutions

The easiest way to get organised is to return all items back to their storage locations after using them. This helps you to avoid clutter in your garage. You can cover one of the walls with a peg board. Then add various sizes of hooks to hang items on the wall. Use larger and stronger hooks to hang heavy equipment like hoses and even bicycles. Additionally, you may set up steel shelves and cabinets. The shelves will accommodate heavy tool boxes while cabinets can be used to keep harmful chemicals way from young children.

Re-model and Reuse Your Garage Space

After selling one of your cars or adopting street parking, you will have an empty space in your garage which can be converted to meet various needs. You may use your garage as a recreational space and install your fitness equipment or turn it into a game room. Your garage may also serve as a home office where you can work at any time of day or night without distractions. If you need a private room for older friends or relatives, turn the garage into a guest room.

Home-owners who want to earn additional income from their property may even convert their garage into a separate apartment or suite. This may require an extension of the roof space and installation of a kitchen and bathroom. Although the reconstruction may require a substantial amount of money, it will be a rewarding project if the regulation in your area permits you to rent out part of your property.

Those are some of the best ways to revamp your garage. An exciting theme will make your garage a more pleasant place to stay. Storage facilities will make your garage organised, neat and attractive. You may even re-model your garage to serve as a more useful space.

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